Runner’s Tell All: My Favorite Training Plan

Sunshine to the Square Inch

Thanks to Beka at Sunshine 2 The Square Inch for hosting the Runner’s Tell All link up. Find the details click HERE! The more the merrier. The best part of this all is getting to connect with other runners and learning about their run stories. Be inspired!
So I went with “favorite training plan” instead of favorite running partner since I’m more of a loner runner. Not real social. I prefer to run solo for a few reasons:
Clears my mind
I need space from the world
It’s my temporary run away
I usually have very specific training plans and paces

I’ve run with friends and groups a few times and it’s fun and all, but I’m truly a loner at heart. Not really into the big social scene or social races. I just want to run and race my own pace.
But I also have this problem. I have the need to strictly follow a plan and if I miss a run I feel like a total failure. I know. Loosen up Jess!
So to get on this post’s track (hee hee, get it? Training plan…track…yeah, anyway) here’s my favorite training plan:

Run Less, Run Faster
I really like how specific and tailored to your level it is. You follow a specific plan based on your current level and pushes you harder. It’s a 3 plus 2 training plan. Three days of specific running workouts and two days of cross training like swimming, rowing, or cycling. I admit, I don’t adhere to the cross training faithfully due to time restraints, but I manage to get the three runs in and yoga. Sometimes I’ll add a just for fun run. I have to do that because running by the book all the time can burn you out if you don’t let loose and run for the sheer freedom of it.

So how about you: do you prefer running solo or with friends? Do you follow a strict training plan or just go with the flow?

blessed & beautiful running.


3 thoughts on “Runner’s Tell All: My Favorite Training Plan

  1. I’m a very social runner, and almost always run with a group. But just because I’m running with a group doesn’t mean we run every step together. On Tuesdays we warm-up for 30 minutes together, but we run our hill repeats at our own pace, and then cool-down together. The same is true for Thursdays. We run the first and last mile together, as warm-ups and cool-downs, but we run the three mile tempo segment at our own pace. It’s the best of both worlds! 🙂 On Saturday’s long runs, I stay with my running friends and we talk the whole time to help make the miles fly by!

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