Wisdom Wednesday: Pride


We work hard to accomplish great things in life. And when we do so, we post, blog, tweet, pin, and Instagram the heck out of it! “Hey, look at me! I’m awesome!”
I’m just as guilty.
The purpose of this blog is to inspire, encourage, uplift, and also to help keep myself accountable. But when it turns into a personal showcase it’s lost it’s meaning.
So today I want you to think on your purpose.
Why do you blog? Run? Workout? Post? Tweet?
Is it for your own personal pride? Or for the betterment of yourself and for others?

There is nothing wrong with accomplishing something incredible, feeling great about it, and sharing it.
This is a great source of motivation. The intention of this post is not to fault anyone in anyway. Only to open the thought provoking message of pride.
I’ve been on top of the world only to fall flat on my face and it has been devastating. Perhaps it was because I had my hopes rooted too deeply in my personal pride. And because of that I would feel like the world’s biggest failure.

Pride comes before a fall.

Your turn! Has pride ever held you back? Do you feel like a failure if you don’t meet your own personal standards? Has pride ever been an issue for you?
blessed & beautiful running.



One thought on “Wisdom Wednesday: Pride

  1. At the end of my 2nd half marathon, I saw the sign “Pain is temporary, pride is forever”. Even though I was not feeling well, this really stuck with me and I finished strong.

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