The Week That Didn’t Happen

I know, right?!
There’s just not enough time. I’m barely squeezing in my runs these days. Last week I just chose had to take it back a notch. Another seven day long workweek. Boo. I exchanged this week’s 20 mile long run for next week’s 13 miler so I wouldn’t be late to work on Sunday. I’m just counting last week as a cut back week as opposed to next week. ((I still have two extra weeks of training built in but saving those for wedding and honeymooning! ))
I do have this weekend off so I will have more time then. Hooray!
There’s a few lot of things on my mind. And you know what verse I first read today:

Yeah, God’s working on my heart and mind.
Then I still wish and worry…
Wish I had more time to run more miles. They say make time. I do. And that’s when I run. But it still doesn’t feel good enough.
I worry my training won’t be enough to BQ..
I miss blogging. I do. I’m envious of those with amazing stories, blog posts, and layouts. One day I’ll be able to focus on that again. And hopefully y’all don’t jump ship and forget me! So here’s my please forgive me for totally sucking at blogging plea!
However, it’s priorities, priorities my friends. Right now priority is real life.
But I can’t help but feel envious of those who are cranking out the miles. I feel like I’m not doing enough or that I’m slacking.
We should not compare ourselves. This I know. Others’ lives are in different steps and places than mine. I can either accept this truth and do my very best without worry or continue to feel frustrated.
Trying to remember to take deep breathes and know that life will eventually level out and I’ll be back at my normal routine.

Last week in training:

Monday: rest
Tuesday: another rest day
Wednesday: 6 miles speedwork
Yoga class
Thursday: 7 tempo run
Friday: girls night out! Makeup and ice cream fun
Saturday: 10 hour workday
Sunday: 13 mile “long run”

Total miles: 26. Crap.
What happened to lifting weights and swimming? Pssssht. Ugh. Geeeeez. Somebody donate their extra hours in a day please.
Carry on. We will try again next week.

Do you struggle with comparing your training, running, or blogging with others? How do you deal when life is overwhelmingly BUSY?

blessed & beautiful running.



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