A Quick Bit To Let You Know

Yes, I’m still alive! I’ve been SUPER busy this week hammering out wedding invites, running errands, of course that four letter word w-o-r-k, going through housework, going through junk in my house deciding what goes and what gets packed, enjoying time with the kid, and other fun things in life.
See, this is the front seat of my car:

If you follow me on Facebook you already know I’m a slob.
Always on the run. Yes, pun heavily intended here.
But on one of my rare days off instead of cleaning my car out I chose to enjoy time with the kid.


I decided to take little D on a trail run. He was SUPER serious when he said, “Hold on mom. Wait for me to start my timer on my watch too.”
Future Garmin addict in the making.
Afterwards he was pumped and excited to go again soon. His response to trail running, “Gah, I feel amazing! No wonder you love running so much!”
But after a week’s worth of busyness and this morning’s long run, I decided to keep my butt at home today and finally blog.
I piddled with laundry only because I kinda need clean clothes. Running clothes be stankin’. I started with some packing then was like naaaaaah. I’m a procrastinator to a fault.
So today I’m in downtime mode. I put myself in timeout. Life can get so crazy, stupid busy. As moms we are accustomed to going and going until we burn out and flip out.
Then you need a time out. But, I should really get in the habit of taking time outs before wigging out. And realize it’s OKAY to rest and relax. We are not machines. Awesome and enduring yes, but NOT machines.
As far as Savanna Rock n’ Roll Marathon training, all is well. Didn’t hit weights or swimming this week but got in an extra easy run and yoga. All runs have been spot on. Nailing my long runs. I didn’t feel like running speed or tempo workouts but I did them. Eye on the BQ prize.
As in life, we don’t necessarily feel like doing the work, but we do it because we know it produces perseverance, strength, and good habits.
And then we rest.

Do ever need to put yourself in a time out? Been a busy or easy week for you? Do you enjoy running trails or are you a road runner?
Timeout here.
Both. But for different reasons.
Road: because I love speed and racing.
Trails: because I love slowing down and running free with no time pressure.

blessed & beautiful running.



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