The 20 Miler. Clear Your Mind and Be Strong.

Zero days off work this week leaves zero time for a 3 hour long run. I could of easily said, weeeelp since I don’t have a day off guess I won’t get any long run in. The #workingclassathlete is forced to be creative in training. Especially if the work schedule is never consistent. But that’s life in itself, rarely consistent and full of struggle. But also full of blessings, if you keep your eyes and heart open.
So I woke up at 5 am to run my 20 miles before work. My sister let the kid sleep at her house and graciously allowed me to shower for work at her place. She lives in town closer to my work so it made it easier to squeeze twenty miles in.
I needed this run. Not only for training purposes but also to clear my mind.
There’s been so much swirling around up in this head of mine lately: worries, stresses of life, fears, doubts, waves of emotions, insecurities. Like most.
But for 20 blessed miles none of that matters.
Life is peace. The road is quiet, listening to the rhythmic cadence of my steps. The traffic is all but none until the busyness of the day begins. It’s a chance to clear the tangled cobwebs in my mind. The mind is indeed a battlefield and running is a gift that has a miraculous way of solving life’s problems.

Thanks to Vita at VitaTrain4Life I won a pair of shoe jewelry from Momentum. I chose the Finish Strong shoelace piece. I decided to wear them on my first twenty miler of this marathon training.
Between my new jewelry and thinking of my #IRun4 buddy I wondered to myself how difficult it must of been for his little legs to learn how to “cruise” with his walker…at such a young age. Then I felt strong. During a long run like that generally at some point before it’s over you are ready to quit. To stop and lay down. But you press on, knowing that this training is building you up.
I don’t know my buddy personally yet but I feel such a strong connection with him already. The Lord is awesome and believe He connected us for a reason.
In this life, I want to finish strong. And I need others to see that with The Lord anything is possible.

What’s the longest distance you train for? Love the 20 miler, yes, no?

blessed & beautiful running.


17 thoughts on “The 20 Miler. Clear Your Mind and Be Strong.

  1. I am currently training for a marathon and was suppose to run 18 miles today but just this week I started getting plantar fasciitis in my right foot and the pain was unbearable so only ran 16! My longest run was my 17 miler last Sunday and like you said, you want to stop so many times but it is only building you up and preparing you for something more! Congrats on your run and I’m a big fan of your shoe jewelry!

  2. wow, that’s awesome! I’m not there yet for my 20 miler, still have another month or so to go in the plan. Not dreading it necessarily but do know you have to get over that hunp. Longest I’ve ever done is 16 so!!

  3. You did so good! Last winter I was training for marathon #2, and I was forced to do my 20-miler on the ‘mill. Yes. It happened. There was crazy ice outside, and I had no choice. Oye. Nice work getting it done!

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