Friday Five: What’s New!

**Sorry this is way late but I had some connection issues earlier today and half my post was deleted. Not cool! I had good stuff written. So now you get my second, not so witty spill.
I’m sticking with the Friday Five Link-up with Mar at Mar On The Run, Courtney Eat, Pray, Run DC, and Cynthia at You Signed Up For What?! since I’ve enjoyed getting to know these super-cool bloggers better! And it’s just plain fun. Find more info on their Link-Up HERE!


This week we talk about “What’s New”. I had to really think on this since most days are identical, run, work, eat, run.

So here’s what I came up with in my wildly, exciting life:

1.) I tried something new in the weight room at the gym. Deadlift. I was able to lift 135 pounds. It. Was. Tough. I probably definitely couldn’t of done it without P encouraging me and helping me with correct form. My sister does these on a regular basis at CrossFit. She’s a pro. I’m hoping my tiny 135 accomplishment makes her proud. πŸ˜‰

2.) CheriBundi sent me some super cool goodies in the mail! Including a tee and some more tart Cherry juice. Have YOU tried CheriBundi’s 7 day challenge?! If not, I highly recommend you do. You will not be disappointed. I have to tell you, 4 weeks into marathon training and I have not had to touch any ibuprofen or pain relievers for soreness. Not. Once.
There is so much truth in the tart cherry juice claims. Check out my post HERE for more detailed info if you would like then hit up CheriBundi on Twitter and tell them @jessflyingfeet sent you and they will ship you out a 7 day challenge box too! I’m seriously hoping they’ll lend me a super cool racing tee and be my official sponser! πŸ˜‰ wishful thinking!! A girl can dream about being awesome right?!


3.) I got to witness my first color run ever and also for the first time peed my pants at a race where I was not running. Awesome. Seriously need a new bladder. The race was so HUGE it took me the longest time to spot my sis and her pals in the 7000 participant line. But we found each other via cell phones! Then I quickly said “Good luck sister, love you, I GOTTA PEEEEEE!!!” Ran to the porta pottys and didn’t quite make it.

I peed my pants for you sister. Remember this.

Don’t y’all just love my son’s photo bomb?! What a goober.

3.) Not really earth shattering news, but my florist called and informed me that my wedding flower of choice, picked out about 8 months ago, is not available. I really wanted ranuculous!!


But now we are going with gerber daisies… Oh well.

4.) I tried this dish found on Pintrest originally created by Cupcakes and Kale Chips.

photo credit

I am officially a Pintrest chef, thus licensed to keep a husband and children fed and alive. Plus, it was healthy! Shhhh…don’t tell the kid that.

5.) I almost died today. And if you follow me on Facebook or are friends with me on DailyMile you already know why. Thanks to my crazy treadmill for spontaneously changing speeds from 9.1 to 11.6 mph. My treadmill only goes up to a 10 on the dashboard. WTH?! My treadmill is an old, second hand NordiTrack2000. Works most days. Thankfully after stopping and restarting the bad machine it went on as normal so I could finish my speed session. I’m not quite good enough to run five sets of 1000m at an 11.6 mph pace…

Your turn! Honestly, have you ever peed your pants? C’mon, help a sister feel better! Do you lift weights? Any other crazy treadmills? What’s NEW with YOU?

blessed & beautiful running.


8 thoughts on “Friday Five: What’s New!

  1. I love cheribundi! My treadmill never went berserk, but I’ve accidentally pulled the emergency stop! Sorry about your flowers, but gebera daisies are gorgeous!

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