IRun4 Buddy Match: A Higher Meaning To Running

I couldn’t be any more excited to announce that I am finally matched with my IRun4 buddy!
For those that haven’t heard of IRun4:

God gave me the gift of mobility. Others aren’t as fortunate. I run for Michael. Who do YOU fun for? ~Tim B.


It’s a community designed to match up families with a special need family member with a runner “buddy”.
When matched up, you connect with them on the Facebook group and tag them in posts, run (workout, encourage) for them at least three times a week, and simply stay connected. It’s about encouraging, learning, awareness of disability, a reminder to move your body because you can, and a it’s a huge blessing.
When I saw the first picture of my match I couldn’t help but tear up in joy. I feel like God has sent this family to me for a reason and can not wait to get to know them deeper, run harder for the little guy, and cheer him on in his daily life.
This has given me a higher purpose in running. We can all have goals like run faster, farther, win, or BQ (ahem, like my personal goal) but why do we want those goals? What’s the deeper meaning? Why will these particular goals fulfill our dreams?
I firmly believe that if you know the deeper meaning behind your goals you have a greater chance at meeting them. When you have something greater inside you, you’ll push harder, longer, and fight with a passion to meet said goal(s).
And when I qualify for Boston, guess who’s getting my medal?
My match. Because the ones who fight each day to live their lives deserve medals more than I.
If you’re not signed up already why not visit their Match Me page HERE to start the process??
But be patient. It can take a few months to get your match!

I also showed my son my match and explained everything to him. He’s excited about running and biking for him too.
Running is indeed a gift.


Have you heard of IRun4? Do you run in honor of someone special?

blessed & beautiful running.


10 thoughts on “IRun4 Buddy Match: A Higher Meaning To Running

  1. I always said runners are the most supportive people. And you are no exception. I love that you run for somebody who can’t and I’m sure this will be a huge motivator for you. What a great role model you are for your son!

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