Friday Five: Goals

I started linking up with the Friday Five link up Mar at, Mar on the Run, Cynthia at You Signed Up for What?!, and at Courtney Eat Pray Run DC last Friday and love reading all the other runners’ fives! It’s such a great way to connect and learn from each other. Blogging isn’t solely about writing, but building relationships with like minded peeps. I encourage you to head over to the other pages and link up yourself.

I know I’ve blogged recently on my big and long-term goals so today I’ll share with you my short term goals and report to you next week on how I fare with them.

1.) Eat ZERO ice cream this weekend. Just one weekend without ice cream.

2.) Wear my hair down at least three times this week. Yes people, this is a real goal. This pic is a rare moment.

Since marathon training it usually stays up in a wad on top of my head.

3.) Go on a family hike this Sunday…. without getting frustrated. I love hiking, don’t get me wrong, however I tend to become easily aggregated between the dog and the kid. One starts whining and the other trips me up. Ha!

4.) Eat two veggies daily. Yes, I stink at eating my veggies on a daily bases. There are days I’m like did I just eat carbs all day??

5.) Smile and compliment someone everyday.

I think these are manageable.

Do you set short-term and long-term goals? Serious and silly goals?

blessed & beautiful running.


4 thoughts on “Friday Five: Goals

  1. Oh my gooses, I love these. I do need to make smaller goals like these, and really stick with them. Every year, instead of making one huge New Year’s resolution, I make an EXTREMELY reasonable goal, which has historically become a good habit. For instance, one year it was to tell anyone I heard sneeze “Bless you”. Another year, it was to smile more. Last year it was to not rubberneck when passing an accident on the road.

    I think that making smaller-SOONER goals is a good idea!

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