Boobs. Honestly.

Alright ladies, I have boob insecurities. Big time. When someone showed me a video of a cute, 100 pound, 5 foot tall, brunette, tan, chick with nice knockers popping out of her tank doing “inspirational” jungle gym type crap I felt totally uninspired. I’m 5 foot tall so I see how they thought I might of found it inspiring. However, I’m also 6 pounds heavier, white as Casper, and about 15 cups smaller uptop post baby. And I’m no ninja warrior BA chick.
How can you be 5 foot tall, 100 pounds and have boobs?! Not fair. Even when I didn’t run and even when I was preggo I never made it quite large.
I know many of my bustier friends say larger tops make for super uncomfortable running, and that God creates us all unique, and I should feel beautiful and blah, blah, blah, blah.
However, this is a huge insecurity for me.
There. I said it. I have a major
insecurity. I preach well being, confidence, and beauty from the inside out…
But I’m just as frail, susceptible to insecurities, and human as anyone else.
After feeling upset and wanting to cry like a big, fat baby (silly, I know) I remembered my strength from the DuPont trail run, my trip to OKC and running my second marathon, and various other cool things I’m quite capable of.
No, I will never be a BA ninja warrior.
And I’ll never have boobs.

So I guess I’ll just keep running.

Your turn. Please be honest, do you struggle with any body insecurities or athletic insecurities? Do certain inspirational videos or photos cause you to feel inadequate?

blessed & beautiful running.



4 thoughts on “Boobs. Honestly.

  1. Having boobs, is not always a blessing. I was told once they make my head look small (it is ok to laugh, I do), and believe it or not I don’t always love my size. I love you Jess, for your inspiration to be a healthier more active not so busy mom. Keep running, and maybe one day you might see me out there behind you.

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