Sunday Funda….errr Workday. From Elation to Exhaustion.

If you’re a Monday through Friday 9-5er, Sundays are probably your rest days or fun days. If you’re part of the other working population it’s just another day. Guess which party I’m in… -_-
Ladies and gents, I’m exhausted. Don’t get me wrong it’s been a great, productive week. And I’ve had some stellar runs! I’m just really feeling it. I got in all my runs, yoga, and swim but missed the strength workout due to my work schedule. Boo. I’m hoping to get it in next week. But right now I’m just so thankful for hot tea! 20140720-211704-76624741.jpg
I enjoy a good cup of hot, green with with honey. Helps me chiiiiiiillll.
And how about a good pedicure? My feet aren’t always runner ugly. Veiny yes, but sparkly, glittery red now. I decided to branch out from the pinks. I think the sparkly red makes me run faster… Hmmm. Maybe?! I’ve had some speedier runs this week!

After long weeks of work, dance, running, swim, yoga, more work, wedding planning, I feel like I’m always in a rush and don’t take enough time at home to relax and just play with the kid. So…
We ended our night with a game of Battleship.


Now it’s time for bed. And an early wake up call to do it all over again.

Elation: pedicure, great dancing class with the fiancé, spot on running, getting our wedding invites in the mail!

Exhaustion: that four letter word: WORK. Nuff said. Rushing around to make sure we get to place to place. Cleaning house. Ugh. I need a sign: Marathon training, wedding planning, full time working mother–PLEASE excuse mess.

Are you exhausted by Sunday? When do you get rest days? Hot tea: yes or no? How do you chill after a long work or crazy busy week?

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blessed & beautiful running.


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