Tips & Tricks Tuesday: H20 to Go and Switching Plan Gears

I have a slight obsession with my pink water bottle. I take it with me everywhere. I try to fill it up at least four times a day especially if I’m running a lot. And the fact that my job doesn’t allow any bottled beverages, including water for us techs to have. I know. Dumb. So I’m working on a water schedule before work, lunch hour, and post work. Just gotta drink it up during the off time. All the more incentive to change careers. 20140715-073841-27521800.jpgStaying hydrated is super important. Especially when training. I guess the pharmacy doesn’t feel the same way. Boo on them.
For an excellent detailed article on the endurance athlete hydration and nutrition needs check out Dietician Today’s article HERE.


A bit warm for my liking for a speed session.

This is what today’s workout looked like. I usually do my speed work on the treadmill, however since I didn’t have to be at work until one today I decided to drag take the kid along to our local college track and do a real speed session. He wasn’t in the mood to bike today. So he just chiled out. Looks like they have stripped the college track because the cushy stuff and no lines were there. It felt like hard pavement almost. And it was warmer than I thought. SO glad I brought both water bottles. One with ice water and one filled with NUUN.


The kid was a real trooper. Played his games and cheered me on.

And after all was said and run, this is how I felt:


sweat fest.

But I got it done. The last 800m I had to pray to finish.  I pushed myself hard as I could today. for my time splits you can follow me on DailyMile HERE. I log most of my workouts there. There’s something you should know, however. My workouts are not all perfect, seamless, and/or smooth. Sometimes I pee my pants. Sometimes I have to rest a little longer than I think I should in between speed sets. Sometimes I cry. Sometimes I fume. Sometimes I say bad words in my head when frustrated. It’s not all hard-core-I’m-totally-awesome stuff. It’s mostly gah-I-wish-this-was-done-I-feel-like-I’m-dying stuff. But that’s what makes you strong.

And I’ve been thinking about my training plan, I totally forgot I had this book from my last marathon:

20140715-122421-44661494.jpgI may be adding a few easy runs from this plan mixed with some of the prescribed runs from RLRF book. The  Runner’s World plan doesn’t use much, if any, cross-training. It’s more running focused. Run more, run faster? Run less, Run faster? What do you think? I used this book for the Oklahoma City Memorial marathon and ran strong. I’m not sure. What do you think about mixing two plans to create your own thing?

This week’s training game plan:

  • Monday: Rest — especially after my long run Sunday.
  • Tuesday: Speed work 4 x 800s 6 miles check!
  • Wednesday: Easy 4 miles and Vinyasa Yoga in the evening
  • Thursday: LSR 15 miles — I have to work all weekend, so I had to squeeze the long run in on whatever day off I had this week.
  • Friday: Swim 4 laps (Slowing working my way into the whole swimming thing.) and upper body weight workout
  • Saturday: 7 mile tempo
  • Sunday: Rest

Your turn! I love to hear your thoughts! Do you use speed workouts when marathon training? Do you have a favorite or least favorite track workout? Do you track your water intake? Do you mix and match training plans?

blessed & beautiful (& sweaty) running.



2 thoughts on “Tips & Tricks Tuesday: H20 to Go and Switching Plan Gears

  1. Thank you so much for your lovely comment on my big announcement post yesterday. You’re awesome! Your end result photo cracked me up. I’m sure your son got a good laugh at looking at your death pose.

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