Work It Out Wednesday and Friendly Reminder To Be…

POSITIVE!! This is an area I have always prided myself in, but I’ve come to realize it’s actually a weaker area in my life. Don’t get me wrong, I’m crazy good at telling you to be positive and dish out positive words of wisdom…however, in my own little world, especially around those who care about me most, I tend to be too critical. I hate that. My fiancé has this incredible, uncanny ability to remain positive. No. Matter. What. He really uplifts me. I need to work on this. Yesterday at swim I was bummed that I struggled more than I thought I should have to swim two laps. P says,

“You swam. You’ve never tried swimming. 100 meters is better than 0 meters. That’s like me saying I ran 100 miles but because I didn’t run 1,000 miles I must be a terrible runner. No. You did it. Be proud of that.”

Or something along those lines. I may be paraphrasing here but you catch his drift. Oh, and did I mention he drove all the way to my house to pick up my kid, grab my workout and swim clothes so I would  have more time at the gym with him since I worked till 5…He’s awesome isn’t he?!

So today I will give you an example on my new and improved way of thinking. I had a 6  mile tempo run scheduled for today. I had to take my son with me because it’s summer, hence no school, the gym has a 30 minute limit on the treadmill, and my treadmill at home is being weird again. So I threw the kid (not literally, c’mon guys I’m not that mean!) on the bike and off I ran. I could of been bummed because it was stupid humid and warm due to the fact that I had to start later in the morning. I can’t exactly wake the kid up at 5:30 am to get ready to run…now that would be mean. So we started around 9 am instead of my 6:45 am preference.


yuk. It could be worse I know!

Then there’s the fact that we had to stop … twice three times for the kid to drink water, and for traffic, and I felt completely distracted the whole run making sure my kid was safe…

Instead, let’s replace those thoughts with:

  • It didn’t rain.
  • It’s not 85* out.
  • My son is old enough to ride the 6 miles.
  • He’s fairly good at traffic rules.
  • I get to run.
  • We have a safe place to park in town. We are close to a beautiful college where we can run around.
  • Despite our start and stop we had a fairly solid workout.
  • My kid makes a great portable aid station: 

ya diggin’ the cool hair?

 So this weeks marathon training week #1 game plan looks roughly like this:

  • Monday: speed work 3 x 1 mile in 6:51 [400 RI]✅
  • Tuesday: swim pool laps and upper body workout ✅
  • Wednesday: 6 mile tempo ✅ 1 hour of Vinyasa Yoga in the evening
  • Thursday: core work and rowing at the gym
  • Friday: rest day!! Maybe movie night with my little family. ❤️
  • Saturday: yoga at home or rest
  • Sunday: 13 mile long run

Three work outs done thus far. Hopefully the rest of the week will follow suit. Then it’ll be week two…I start all over again with a new set of runs and workouts. Hopefully, I will get better at the swimming thing. It’s still very new to me.

And you know, life goes by way too quick! It’ll be marathon time before we know it.

BUT It’ll be wedding day before that!! We are only 101 days away!!



 Your turn! Honestly, do you have areas in your life you struggle with personally? Are you a good motivator for yourself and others? Any exciting countdowns going on in your life right now? Do you schedule your workouts? Do you add swimming to your marathon training at all?

blessed & beautiful running.


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