#MondayMotivation Marathoning It and Food

It’s that time again….marathoning crazy! And food is an excellent motivator. I thought. So here’s your “motivational Monday”:
Run to eat.
Does food encourage you to run more? Works for me. Well, that and having an end goal like a race.
I started my marathon training with a quick speed session this morning, following the Run Less Run Faster BQ plan. I need a plan! I guess I could just run but since I have a specific goal in mind I chose to follow a very specific plan. My aim is to follow the prescribed runs with two days of either easy runs or rowing or possibly swimming. Depends on my work schedule and time restraints.
I have options at our gym thanks to my fiancé when he added me!
I’ll bounce back and forth between treadmill and college track for speed sessions, here again depending on work schedule and my kiddo. I can run my tempos with the kid on his bike. He’s fast enough and has enough endurance without stopping or complaining that he really makes a great little ride along buddy.
But the BEST part about marathon training, or running in general really, is all. the. food. all. the. time. Yes and we are back to the food talk.
Food Matters Market and Cafe makes it easy to grab some fresh food! Food is motivation enough to run sometimes!

Doesn’t it just look yum?! I’ve got all 5 food groups here! Plus a little extra fruit. 😉 Do I eat healthy like this all the time? Pssshhhht naw. I love my ice cream! But mostly, yes.

The other thing for me about marathon training is that not only will you see me with food or water in my hand mouth all the time, my hair is usually put back with that ugly band! No time to doll up. Ain’t nobody got time for dat. Well, until Sunday. Church day you know. And the rare date night my honey and I might get.

So what’s new with you? Are you currently training and eating? Do you run to eat? Or eat to run?Favorite training plans or do you just ‘wing’ it?
blessed & beautiful running!


2 thoughts on “#MondayMotivation Marathoning It and Food

  1. I’m the same way, I need a plan to stay focused and motivated! The first thing I do after a goal race? I look for the next race and make a new training plan 🙂

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