Wisdom Wednesday: Are You An Overachiever?

It all started with breakfast yesterday… I had planned on cooking a bigger breakfast for my son but I didn’t get up in time to run, shower, and cook so I sent him off to grandma’s with a granola bar. Failure #1. Then I had to go to work for the day..it was nonstop. I couldn’t help anyone for needing to help everyone. I felt like a failure then too. Then immediately following work I had a Rotary function to attend with the fiancé (which, by the way, I am super proud of him–Mr.Co-Chairman!) so I had to rush home, throw on a dress, attempt to fix post-work makeup and hair…aaaand the hair flopped majorly. Why can I just not fix my hair?!? I just wanted to look “put together” for this thing. Failure #3.
While my silly little “failure” day may not seem like a big deal, it was to me. It was also a very striking moment for me. I thought to myself, “What the heck is wrong with you?! Just take a flipping chill pill!” I have way too many days where I’m constantly feeling not good enough. I spend too much time thinking and dwelling on things that shouldn’t matter. It’s the perfectionist in me. The drive to do my best. But that’s not always the best way to be.
I came across an article from the Huffington Post called “17 Signs You’re An Overacheiver“.
All signs resonated with me in one way or another except the high school bit. The ones that really stuck out to me were:

3. You secretly think you’re not good enough.

6. Criticism is the worst.

9. You just got promoted, but you’re already thinking about how you’ll achieve the next promotion.

This last one I relate to in the way of constantly trying to find a way to move up the ladder both on the job and in the running department. I’m never satisfied with being settled at a certain ‘pace’. This is a large cause for feeling anxious.
But this is what the Word says:

If I’m constantly thinking about my failures and what I can do to perfect every corner of my life then how can I think on what is good? I need to clean out my mind and reset it to dwell on the good and be thankful for the present moment. And when I’m thinking on the good, doing my best will come naturally. Not forced. Good-bye anxiety.

And you want to know something? At the end of that day:
My son still loves me
Work is still there
And my fiancé thought I looked beautiful and said how proud he was to have me by his side.

So what about you? Do you tend be an overachiever or do you have a healthy balance of being a high performer?

blessed & beautiful running.


2 thoughts on “Wisdom Wednesday: Are You An Overachiever?

  1. I don’t think I am an overachiever, but I do like to be perfect. I am my own worse critic, it so much additional stress for no reason, but so hard to turn off.

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