Wisdom Wednesday: Marriage, Moving, & Running Into Change

I love my fiancé. Let me just get that settled before I tell you how sad it makes me to leave my cute little house and move into his.
This is something I’ve been truly struggling with and the closer we get (80 days away?!) to the big day the more nervous, happy, elated, thrilled, sad, scared, and a whole host of mixed emotions I become.
It’s not that I’m not looking forward to moving in with my future hubby, it’s just I’m having a really hard time letting go of my comfort zone and all that is mine, so to speak. I’m afraid his house won’t feel like my home because it has belonged to his family for so long and is filled to the max. I realize it’s a change on both parts, but it feels like I’m the one leaving everything behind while he stays in his comfort zone.
But without change there would be no growth. I will see this through as a growing adventure and focus on all the great that will come. Letting go of the good so there can be greater. Many times we hold on for dear life when God is asking us to let go. He says, trust me. I’ve got something way better planned for you my child! (Check out Jeremiah 29:11)

Some things I’m reminding myself to positively encourage my spirit:

• God is good and still in control!
• I am marrying the man I’ve been praying for.
• The house is conveniently located close to town.
• Which means I’ll be able to walk out the front door and go for a run. — you know I’d throw running in somewhere!
• Which also means my son is really looking forward to biking to school!
• There won’t be any more of this me driving back and forth crap.

Jess over at Blonde Ponytail talked about moving their family. I’m not moving states at least! But reading about her exhausting and daunting task of starting in a new space was encouraging.
I think I’ll go for lots of runs.
Running is therapy, no? And runners are resilient people with strong hearts.
Thank you for listening to my ramblings…I know this post wasn’t entirely running related but it feels good to talk about what’s going on and bothering my spirit… Helps to put things into perspective.

I want to know: have you moved recently? Any big, new changes in your life? How did you deal?

blessed & beautiful running.


IRun4 Buddy Match: A Higher Meaning To Running

I couldn’t be any more excited to announce that I am finally matched with my IRun4 buddy!
For those that haven’t heard of IRun4:

God gave me the gift of mobility. Others aren’t as fortunate. I run for Michael. Who do YOU fun for? ~Tim B.


It’s a community designed to match up families with a special need family member with a runner “buddy”.
When matched up, you connect with them on the Facebook group and tag them in posts, run (workout, encourage) for them at least three times a week, and simply stay connected. It’s about encouraging, learning, awareness of disability, a reminder to move your body because you can, and a it’s a huge blessing.
When I saw the first picture of my match I couldn’t help but tear up in joy. I feel like God has sent this family to me for a reason and can not wait to get to know them deeper, run harder for the little guy, and cheer him on in his daily life.
This has given me a higher purpose in running. We can all have goals like run faster, farther, win, or BQ (ahem, like my personal goal) but why do we want those goals? What’s the deeper meaning? Why will these particular goals fulfill our dreams?
I firmly believe that if you know the deeper meaning behind your goals you have a greater chance at meeting them. When you have something greater inside you, you’ll push harder, longer, and fight with a passion to meet said goal(s).
And when I qualify for Boston, guess who’s getting my medal?
My match. Because the ones who fight each day to live their lives deserve medals more than I.
If you’re not signed up already why not visit their Match Me page HERE to start the process??
But be patient. It can take a few months to get your match!

I also showed my son my match and explained everything to him. He’s excited about running and biking for him too.
Running is indeed a gift.


Have you heard of IRun4? Do you run in honor of someone special?

blessed & beautiful running.

#MotivationalMonday Be Proud Of Every Step


I borrowed this from Proverbs 31 Ministries and thought it was appropriate not only for women, but for runners as well. We spend so many hours when we are training for a race we forget to celebrate the everyday accomplishments.
So stop right now and say to yourself, way to go!

This is all I have for today. But I am in the process of typing up a spectator’s review of the Color Run. My sister and her group of CrossFit girls ran it together while I cheered and snapped some pics for them. I’ll tell you all about it and my thoughts on the untimed event.

Have a beautiful Monday!

Do you celebrate the everyday accomplishments? Color Run: yes or no?

blessed & beautiful running.

Friday Five: Goals

I started linking up with the Friday Five link up Mar at, Mar on the Run, Cynthia at You Signed Up for What?!, and at Courtney Eat Pray Run DC last Friday and love reading all the other runners’ fives! It’s such a great way to connect and learn from each other. Blogging isn’t solely about writing, but building relationships with like minded peeps. I encourage you to head over to the other pages and link up yourself.

I know I’ve blogged recently on my big and long-term goals so today I’ll share with you my short term goals and report to you next week on how I fare with them.

1.) Eat ZERO ice cream this weekend. Just one weekend without ice cream.

2.) Wear my hair down at least three times this week. Yes people, this is a real goal. This pic is a rare moment.

Since marathon training it usually stays up in a wad on top of my head.

3.) Go on a family hike this Sunday…. without getting frustrated. I love hiking, don’t get me wrong, however I tend to become easily aggregated between the dog and the kid. One starts whining and the other trips me up. Ha!

4.) Eat two veggies daily. Yes, I stink at eating my veggies on a daily bases. There are days I’m like did I just eat carbs all day??

5.) Smile and compliment someone everyday.

I think these are manageable.

Do you set short-term and long-term goals? Serious and silly goals?

blessed & beautiful running.

Tempo Thursday and I’m Just Not Feelin It: Seasons

Alright y’all. Here’s my feelings on the matter:


I’m currently in week three of marathon training and have managed to slowly decline in my overall game plan. My runs are going like clock work, but the more intense my running workouts become the more difficult it’s becoming to get in the weights, yoga, and swim. Oh, and we also have dance on Mondays. Our schedule is a tight squeeze! Add everyday work to the mix, wedding planning, trying studying for the personal trainer exam, raising a kid, and it’s all kinds of funzies. I’m a glutton for punishment. How many things in life can I sign up for?
First week I hit every single workout. Second week I hit them all except the weights.
This week I missed yoga and have yet to find out if I manage a swim and weights…
Having to hit the treadmill a bit more too. :-/ yuk.
I tried running the tempos outside with the kid alongside on his bike but it ended up being more of a stop and go which defeats the purpose of a tempo. So I’m saving running with him for my “easy” runs.
I began to feel defeated. Then I read Heather’s post HERE and I was reminded that I do bust my booty and it’s okay to back off a bit from time to time.

“It’s just that as I’ve slowly learned that life is far more enjoyable when you stop trying to seek the approval of others, or worrying about trivial things that simply don’t matter in the big picture.” ~ Heather G.

“Because finding balance in my life, learning to roll with the punches, and appreciating what is happening instead of dwelling on what isn’t, is surprisingly satisfying…far more so than the numbers on the pages of my training journal. Fitness is important, and I’ll be the first to preach that to the masses. But being “healthy” includes a large mental and emotional portion as well. It’s important that we don’t ignore that side.” ~Heather G.

Her post could not have come a better time for my reading eyes.
My priorities have shifted in life and that’s more than okay. We all have seasons in life we go through. Different periods of our lives. Training seasons, family seasons, working seasons… I’m still waiting on my beach season. Ha!

Your turn! Do get down on yourself if your training isn’t up to par? What season in life are you currently experiencing?

blessed & beautiful running.