It’s A Beautiful Day. Small Steps, Baby!

In preparation for marathon training (26.2 #3 here I come!!) I always, always focus on building mileage and hill running in the weeks leading up to hard core speed sessions, tempos, long runs, ect. It’s a bad idea to go from 5 miles a week to 45. You will burn out quicker and more than likely injure yourself.
Since my fiancé signed up for his first half, the Savanna Rock n Roll half-marathon we’ve been plugging away getting his weekly mileage up.

10 miler success today!

And in the spirit of marathon training season, it got me thinking about the first marathon I (OBX, Outer Banks, NC 2012) signed up for and how I couldn’t imagine running that far. When thinking about running 26.2 miles or 13.1 miles, the task before you seems overwhelming. I will never, ever forget how it felt to run my first mile without stopping back in 2011 without stopping. In the beginning I found myself frustrated often. But we all start somewhere. And that somewhere is often a small beginning, just a few baby steps.

“Do not despise small beginnings…instead rejoice in what’s to come!”

And it’s this way in everyday life. You can’t save up five thousand dollars in a day (well, unless you win the lottery.), build a home in a day, grow a full term baby in a month, raise a full grown child overnight… You catch my drift, right?
Enjoy the ride! Everyday is a gift and a learning process.
There will highs and lows. And then very, very lows. I can promise you that.
So next time you find yourself frustrated try to slow down, take a breathe, see the day for what it is, and just run!
Because it’s a beautify day, baby!

What are your tips for newbies? Words of encouragement for those who need a boost?

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blessed & beautiful running!


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