Thursdays Thoughts: Frustrated!

For the first time in a long time I actually cried on my run today.
Like a big fat cry baby.
I’m just so frustrated. It’s been about a week now that I’ve just not felt well.
I tried pushing through.
That didn’t work.
So I figured I was just overly fatigued from work and training, so I took three days off running and working out.
Still felt like crap.
So I ran today anyway. I can’t keep on not doing anything.
I just feel really, really mediocre. I keep praying that I’ll just wake up like a fresh spring chicken and all will be well with the world again.
May have to see the ‘ol doc soon if I can’t find my energy and get my well being back.
So not only on my run did I feel lethargic, but the humidity and heat were not my friends. But we know this. I normally don’t cramp on my sides when running but I guess I was well past dehydrated with not feeling well and running in the heat. I added a gel pack to my run and that seemed to help, but by mile 4.5 I was still fading. This makes me super nervous. Why?
Because in all my brilliance stupor, I decided to sign up for the Firecracker 10k.

I ran this two years ago with no success. I finished yes. But I also died. Don’t worry, I was obviously resurrected, as I am here blogging, with lots of fluids via IVs.
Seems like I have to tendency to dehydrate quickly.

So here’s my game plan for the 10k scorcher event:

•Don’t die.
•HYDRATE well week leading up to the race with not only h2o but also with Powerade.
•Have a frozen fuel belt bottle of water stuffed in my brazier. Seemed to help one run I tried it out. Keep the core cool.
•Eat gel packs- one before and one during.
•Focus on running a steady pace. In other words: do not book it out of the gate!!
•Remember hill mantras: uphill= lead with hips. downhill=lean and go.
•Repeat positive self talk over and over in my head. Like, you’ve trained hard. You got this! Just keep going one foot in front of the other. eye of the tiger baby!! hee hee.
•Remember to breathe! Breathe from deep down.
•Just run.

I’ll be just fine, babe.

What works for you in hot weather racing? Do you like hot weather racing/running?

Happy (& Blessed) Running!

PS- I got to visit my boy yesterday at camp! He’s having a blast!! Sure do miss him around the house. Can’t wait for Saturday!!



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