#WisdomWednesday Marathon Training Revised

I planned on starting up training for the Savanna Rock n’ Roll Marathon this week but as life would have it I’ve caught some kind of “feel-like-death-in-box” disease. It started about a week ago and I just can’t shake a headache, feeling tired, achy, and stuffy.
BUT. That’s quite alright. I had originally built in four extra weeks to take into account time off for our wedding in October. Didn’t realize I built in the time for the beginning of the training. -_-
I’ll be using Run Less Run Faster (RLRF) plan. It’s a 16 week plan and we are still 19 weeks out so I’ve got time to properly rest. I’ve used it in the past with great results. I like the three quality runs a week and two cross training days. With my full schedule this seems manageable. The only part about it I don’t care too much for is that the runs are so precise. However, if you’re one of those who thrive off a very structured schedule, this is great. (I tend to stray off the beaten path…) There’s also a section in the back for Boston qualifying training. I’ve played around with the “requirements” and believe my body is capable.
So I’ve decided to postpone training for another week. I read somewhere once that if you don’t have time to properly rest then you don’t have time to marathon train. Wise words. You can not push your body and expect great results if you don’t allow ample time for recovery.
And I believe that’s why I have death-in-a-box disease. I pushed hard but didn’t hit the hay early or often enough. To many 5 hours or less sleepless nights. I’m a wild woman.

On a side note, I LOVE REI! Walmart, in all their greatness decided to stop carrying CLIF Shot gels but thankfully REI carries them at a reasonable price! I just have to drive 30 minutes away…. I could order them online, but there’s something about having them in your hand right away.
Oh, and I have not forgotten about EneryBits! I have a review and giveaway in the works for this Friday!
I’m keeping this post short as I’m on the way to visit this kid at camp today:
I miss my little booger!
***What about you: favorite training plans? Do you allow enough R&R when training? I’m guilty of pushing too hard too often because I feel like I’m being too unproductive otherwise. It’s a disease.***

Happy (& Blessed) Running!


5 thoughts on “#WisdomWednesday Marathon Training Revised

  1. I don’t have anywhere great in the city I live in to get fuel, so when I drive to a bigger city, I try to make a stop even if I don’t need anything at the moment.

    • That’s right! It’s not good to be without fuel in the cabinet. I discovered this the hard way. But even if you think you have some!

  2. After working through a lingering calf injury (for about a year – I never let it heal properly) – I definitely think less is more. You have to listen to your body and give it time to rest when necessary…and that doesn’t mean your slacking (at least not always).

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