#MotivationalMonday Why Crap Runs Could Be The Best Runs

First things first, I’m in the process of moving my blog from FlyingFeetInFaith.blogspot to here at Word Press. I’ve not moved everything over yet, but hopefully will have everything up and running by the end of the week! There’s so much more I can do with Word Press! For now, I’m headed out to have my wedding dress fitting!!!! Eeeep!!

Yesterday I had to get my run in post work. As in, six pm and it’s 86* stupid hot and uncomfortable. 20140622-232243-84163877.jpg
I was exhausted. My legs, mind, and overall body felt beyond tired. But I had set eight miles on the running schedule for the day and I was determined to get it done. No. Matter. What.
And this is why crap runs could be good for you:

1.) It prepares you physically and mentally to keep going when the going gets tough.

Not every run is going to glorious in all it’s splendid bliss. On occasion, a run will feel like torture. Especially if you’re training for a marathon.
My run last night kind of reminded me of the last three miles at the OKC Memorial Marathon, when the sun was beating on my body and I was becoming over heated. But I kept plugging along to the finish. That’s what I did. Plugged along. I decided I wanted to prepare my body for the hot 10k in July and for hard core marathon training more than I wanted to be at home lying around. Although, lying around sounded so good…
**This being said, it should be noted: if you’re extremely sick, past exhausted, and/or truly dehydrated please take care of YOU! Do pay attention to your body. This post is only meant to encourage those who may need an extra boost. I’m in no way encouraging plugging along if your body truly needs rest and recovery.**


2.) Crap Runs teach you what works well and what doesn’t.
A few things that hindered my run:
Lack of sleep past week finally catching up on me.
Started the run out way too fast. First mile in 8 minutes when I was supposed to be running easy
Drank gobs of water all week but didn’t hydrate with any electrolytes…in the heat this is necessary. Too much h2o and no minerals/electrolytes and you’re at risk of flushing away too many important minerals your body needs! You sweat out salt and other vital minerals when your working hard in the heat.

3.) Crap runs remind you how strong you truly are.
You think you can’t. But you can. Even if you’re not running quite as fast, or you feel burned out, or you had to pause for a moment, you still can finish. That’s what makes it a success. You didn’t quit! remember this.


What about you? Any crap runs lately? Tips for plugging along crap runs?

Happy (& Blessed) Running!


5 thoughts on “#MotivationalMonday Why Crap Runs Could Be The Best Runs

  1. Ohhhh hooooooo, bless! I never feel like I’m the only one fighting the good fight for crap runs, except when I’m in that one second of near tears (which has been my past couple of runs). I don’t even know how I finish sometimes, other than the natural drive to move forward. Lol 😀

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