Tips & Tricks Thursday: Heat & Humidity Running.

Hello my long lost warmer weather! How I’ve missed you. Not.
74* feels like 125* for a runner sometimes!
I know this 63% humidity and 74* is nothing compared to what many of you face. But this is only the beginning and I’m a heatstroke waiting to happen. Remember my Firecracker Run two years ago? I felt like I’ve made tremendous progress since then though. Kept a steady pace today for 5 miles. How did I? I’ve got a few tricks up my sports bra er sleeve…
On my last 8 miler I ran like this:
I have no shame I tell you. I brought my small fuel belt water bottle and stuffed it in the back of my sports bra. But it kept falling out so I stuffed in front. Third boob. Cool. Literally it kept me cool. If you have no shame like I, try stuffing a small ice filled water bottle down there. Keeps your center cool. 😉

Bike ride and momma run!

Yesterday was National Running Day! I ran 4 miles for 6/4!
Here’s a few Tips & Tricks I find useful for myself!

  • HYDRATE. ERRRRRRDAY. Hydration isn’t just a pre-race thing. It’s a daily habit. Make being well hydrated a lifestyle. 
  • Use Powerade or other supplements to fuel your body. You need sodium, magnesium and other fun electrolytes. You lose many of those electrolytes and minerals when you sweat. I am a salty sweater. mmm. yum
  • Wear loose, light, micro-fiber clothing.
  • Don’t neglect your SPF! Hats, shades. 
  • Slow your roll. Heat will slow your pace. Allow it too. If you don’t you could risk dehydration or damaging your body’s system. 
  • Try running as early in the am if possible. Or avoid high humidity. Check out this great article from Runner’s World HERE on running in humidity. Excellent article from Marathon Guide HERE on running in heat. “Respect the heat.” 
  • Allow sufficient time for your body to become acclimated to the increase in temps. Don’t just go out and try to run 10 miles fast. Bad, bad idea. Gradually build your intensity and mileage outside. It will take your body about two weeks with consistent running in the heat to acclimate.
  • Ditch the diet soda, watch your alcohol intake! Soda and alcohol can dehydrate.

Be on the lookout for another great CheriBundi giveaway soon! I’m a fan of cherry juice! Can ya tell?!
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CheriBundi Rocks!
**Your turn! How do you fare in the summer months? Do you slow down? Any summer races? Any tips you can share?**
I’ll be attempting the Firecracker Run 10k again 

RQOTD: Are a tv series show watcher? I used to be I to an American Idol fan. I have a secret singing talent. 😉 

Happy (& Blessed) Running!!

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