Motivational Monday: Pssssht. What Motivation?!

Short and to the point. Okay, blogger friends, I need you today! This post is so late and I totally didn’t finish two posts I started for last Thursday and Friday. And I didn’t run Sunday or today. Geez. I’m feeling like a lethargic loser. Weekend was busy but no excuses, right? Especially if I have a BQ on my mind.

This made me chuckle: 



I’m pretty sure I posted this next pic on my Facebook wall a while ago…pssshht.  Where did it go?! If you find my missing motivation I’ll gladly reward you handsomely with something awesome. Like a … High five! Yeah, you know you want my high five. 

not. today.

Motivation mission feeling impossible. 

*Please Comment below and in three sentences or less remind me to get after it! Or where you find your motivation when it goes missing.* 
And in return I’ll leave a comment for you on your blog! Let’s link up! I’d love to add some more bloggers I follow to my list.

One of my favorite things about blogging is the opportunity to reach out and connect with other like minded peeps. Those who can relate and encourage! Thanks y’all are the best. 😉 

***Happy (& Blessed) Running!***

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