#MotivationalMonday: Baby Carrots and Baby Steps

So yesterday I posted on baby steps in the beginning. What I’d like to offer you today is a continued and more thorough post on how to take on those baby steps. But first I’d like to offer you a chuckle, check out my “baby carrots”:

I decided to pull a few carrots to see if they were ready because it’s getting hot outside and from what I’ve heard carrots don’t do well in too hot weather. Unfortunately, my petite carrots are a bit too petite. I had to taste them and I will say, they do taste like carrots! So, I count my second attempt to grow a vegetable a success! Last year I tried tomatoes and spinach but I’m pretty sure something ate my spinach and my tomatoes only grew to be large green plants with zero produce. I’m pretty excited I grew something this time.
Errrr, what did this have to do with baby steps? We all start somewhere!
Here’s a few tips to hopefully encourage and motivate you during the beginning phases of training!

Set micro goals
Try starting with something menial, for example: I will get out of bed on time at 6:00 am. (Well, for some of us, this may be a macro goal…) once you’ve accomplished your said goal your brain sends off “reward signals” which in turn encourages you to pursue the next goal.

Then set your macro goals
After achieving one micro goal after another you’re ready to tackle larger goals.
If say, you’re a brand new runner, never ran a mile in your life and you go out by saying, “I’m going to qualify for Boston next month!” You’re probably out of your league and setting yourself up for failure. Not saying you could never BQ but saying it takes time and many, many runs to get there. So in by creating smaller more manageable goals you are setting yourself up for success.
Check out Psychology Today for a more in-depth article on micro and macro goals.

  • Here’s my personal micro to macro goal example
    My long-term macro goal: BQ
    1.) Train for and run a fast 5k ✅
    2.) 10k✅
    3.) half✅
    4.) run a marathon✅
    5.) study what went well and what didn’t in my race✅
    6.) pick a great course to run fast with tons of motivation✅
    7.) then train for a BQ – in progress!


  • Other tips:
    Be patient with yourself
    Be kind to yourself
    You will slip up or fall back but that’s all part of the ride
    Give yourself a learning curve
    Remember: running is a gift! There are many who can not. Next time you’re tempted to get down remind yourself of this.
    Encourage others along the way
    Connect with a local running group
    Read motivational books, magazines, articles
    Don’t neglect the “real” world. Hopefully you’ve surrounded yourself with people who love and support you. You also need to be a support to them. Take care of those who take care of you!

Speaking of supporting those who support you, I need to give a HUGE shout out to my sister! She’s an excellent example of tackling baby step goals. She’s an avid CrossFit member and she’s now run two 5ks beating her time by a landslide the second time! This July she and her daughter will be participating in the Color Run! And I will be there to cheer them on! She’s always been my biggest race fan. Always believing in me, cheering me on, and just being the amazing person she is.



photo source

Your turn!
Are you a goal setter?

blessed & beautiful running.


It’s A Beautiful Day. Small Steps, Baby!

In preparation for marathon training (26.2 #3 here I come!!) I always, always focus on building mileage and hill running in the weeks leading up to hard core speed sessions, tempos, long runs, ect. It’s a bad idea to go from 5 miles a week to 45. You will burn out quicker and more than likely injure yourself.
Since my fiancé signed up for his first half, the Savanna Rock n Roll half-marathon we’ve been plugging away getting his weekly mileage up.

10 miler success today!

And in the spirit of marathon training season, it got me thinking about the first marathon I (OBX, Outer Banks, NC 2012) signed up for and how I couldn’t imagine running that far. When thinking about running 26.2 miles or 13.1 miles, the task before you seems overwhelming. I will never, ever forget how it felt to run my first mile without stopping back in 2011 without stopping. In the beginning I found myself frustrated often. But we all start somewhere. And that somewhere is often a small beginning, just a few baby steps.

“Do not despise small beginnings…instead rejoice in what’s to come!”

And it’s this way in everyday life. You can’t save up five thousand dollars in a day (well, unless you win the lottery.), build a home in a day, grow a full term baby in a month, raise a full grown child overnight… You catch my drift, right?
Enjoy the ride! Everyday is a gift and a learning process.
There will highs and lows. And then very, very lows. I can promise you that.
So next time you find yourself frustrated try to slow down, take a breathe, see the day for what it is, and just run!
Because it’s a beautify day, baby!

What are your tips for newbies? Words of encouragement for those who need a boost?

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blessed & beautiful running!

@EnergyBits Review and Giveaway

Disclosure: I was provided a free sample in return for an honest blog post product review. All opinions are my own. No additional form of compensation was provided.

The Goods:
ONE ingredient
ZERO caffeine, sugar, chemicals
100% certified organic
Not a supplement. It’s FOOD!
Zero carbon footprint
High protein

Convenient pack. Stash in purse or pocket.
The nice stream of steady energy. No crazy rush, then crash…ZERO crash.
The fact that it is a natural food I’m putting in my body. Not a chemically engineered supplement.

Can get past:
If you struggle with swallowing tablets it could be difficult. They say you can swallow all 30 at one time but I chose to swig 15 and 15. My fiancé swallowed them all with out any trouble. Yes, he’s my new food, supplement, and/product guenni pig! He’s a trooper.
The taste isn’t horrible. Especially if you just swig the tabs down.
Slight fish food smell. That could just be my weird nose??

But did they work?
Point blank, yes. At first I didn’t see a big difference, but that’s the beauty of it. You’re not all jacked up at first. It’s all natural. Like you’ve had a great night’s sleep.
Where I really noticed it working was during my hard speed session workout. I normally have to walk during my recovery intervals (RI) but with EnergyBits I was able to slow jog each RI and complete my 800s as prescribed.
I walked my RIs today…out of Bits. Hmm. Coincidence? I think not.

1,000 tabs for $115.00 that’s about 33 servings in a bag.
This is where the buck stops for me. For the modestly funded runner, the Bits do fall on the higher end of fuel choices. But we pay for what we put in our bodies… Do we want to pay for chemicals or God’s natural fuel from the earth?
ENERGYBits also offers a full line of products including:

The good folks at EnergyBits have been so kind as to offer a FREE sample to one of my fabulous readers.

**Rules and Regulations**
You must be 18 or older and a resident of the United States (I’m so sorry my Canadian friends!)
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Winner: Will be selected at random and announced Thursday, July 3rd on this blog.
Method of delivery of prize: your info will be sent directly to the ENERGYBits team and you will receive a free sample from the company.
Good luck!
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They’re good folks aren’t they?
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Have you tried ENERGYBits? Do you have a favorite running fuel?

Blessed & Beautiful Running!

Thursdays Thoughts: Frustrated!

For the first time in a long time I actually cried on my run today.
Like a big fat cry baby.
I’m just so frustrated. It’s been about a week now that I’ve just not felt well.
I tried pushing through.
That didn’t work.
So I figured I was just overly fatigued from work and training, so I took three days off running and working out.
Still felt like crap.
So I ran today anyway. I can’t keep on not doing anything.
I just feel really, really mediocre. I keep praying that I’ll just wake up like a fresh spring chicken and all will be well with the world again.
May have to see the ‘ol doc soon if I can’t find my energy and get my well being back.
So not only on my run did I feel lethargic, but the humidity and heat were not my friends. But we know this. I normally don’t cramp on my sides when running but I guess I was well past dehydrated with not feeling well and running in the heat. I added a gel pack to my run and that seemed to help, but by mile 4.5 I was still fading. This makes me super nervous. Why?
Because in all my brilliance stupor, I decided to sign up for the Firecracker 10k.

I ran this two years ago with no success. I finished yes. But I also died. Don’t worry, I was obviously resurrected, as I am here blogging, with lots of fluids via IVs.
Seems like I have to tendency to dehydrate quickly.

So here’s my game plan for the 10k scorcher event:

•Don’t die.
•HYDRATE well week leading up to the race with not only h2o but also with Powerade.
•Have a frozen fuel belt bottle of water stuffed in my brazier. Seemed to help one run I tried it out. Keep the core cool.
•Eat gel packs- one before and one during.
•Focus on running a steady pace. In other words: do not book it out of the gate!!
•Remember hill mantras: uphill= lead with hips. downhill=lean and go.
•Repeat positive self talk over and over in my head. Like, you’ve trained hard. You got this! Just keep going one foot in front of the other. eye of the tiger baby!! hee hee.
•Remember to breathe! Breathe from deep down.
•Just run.

I’ll be just fine, babe.

What works for you in hot weather racing? Do you like hot weather racing/running?

Happy (& Blessed) Running!

PS- I got to visit my boy yesterday at camp! He’s having a blast!! Sure do miss him around the house. Can’t wait for Saturday!!


#WisdomWednesday Marathon Training Revised

I planned on starting up training for the Savanna Rock n’ Roll Marathon this week but as life would have it I’ve caught some kind of “feel-like-death-in-box” disease. It started about a week ago and I just can’t shake a headache, feeling tired, achy, and stuffy.
BUT. That’s quite alright. I had originally built in four extra weeks to take into account time off for our wedding in October. Didn’t realize I built in the time for the beginning of the training. -_-
I’ll be using Run Less Run Faster (RLRF) plan. It’s a 16 week plan and we are still 19 weeks out so I’ve got time to properly rest. I’ve used it in the past with great results. I like the three quality runs a week and two cross training days. With my full schedule this seems manageable. The only part about it I don’t care too much for is that the runs are so precise. However, if you’re one of those who thrive off a very structured schedule, this is great. (I tend to stray off the beaten path…) There’s also a section in the back for Boston qualifying training. I’ve played around with the “requirements” and believe my body is capable.
So I’ve decided to postpone training for another week. I read somewhere once that if you don’t have time to properly rest then you don’t have time to marathon train. Wise words. You can not push your body and expect great results if you don’t allow ample time for recovery.
And I believe that’s why I have death-in-a-box disease. I pushed hard but didn’t hit the hay early or often enough. To many 5 hours or less sleepless nights. I’m a wild woman.

On a side note, I LOVE REI! Walmart, in all their greatness decided to stop carrying CLIF Shot gels but thankfully REI carries them at a reasonable price! I just have to drive 30 minutes away…. I could order them online, but there’s something about having them in your hand right away.
Oh, and I have not forgotten about EneryBits! I have a review and giveaway in the works for this Friday!
I’m keeping this post short as I’m on the way to visit this kid at camp today:
I miss my little booger!
***What about you: favorite training plans? Do you allow enough R&R when training? I’m guilty of pushing too hard too often because I feel like I’m being too unproductive otherwise. It’s a disease.***

Happy (& Blessed) Running!