Motivational Monday: Fear Not. To Watch or Not to Watch?

I’ll have the race review up tomorrow. But for today I’d like to leave you with some motivation:

“If you don’t make mistakes, you’re not trying hard enough.” ~ Sam Walton
Agree or disagree? I agree. We can be so afraid of failure, we don’t even try to push ourselves to our full potential. During the race last Saturday I would check my watch and think, “I’m running too fast. There’s no way I can run that fast. I better slow down. I’ll never make it.” Fear. Maybe I should toss the watch on race day…

For a brief moment, I thought who the heck am I to try and qualify for such a race like Boston marathon? 

*Do you let fear ever stop you? How do you move past it? Do you race with or without a watch?*
As for Memorial Day..
I wonder if those who fought for our freedom and lost their lives feared before they moved into war? If they did, they pressed on and fought anyway. Because of this we are free to run. Remember and give thanks. 
***Happy (& blessed) running!!!***

6 thoughts on “Motivational Monday: Fear Not. To Watch or Not to Watch?

  1. Oh gosh, I agree. I really want to try to run without my watch on long runs. I used to, and I reaaaaaaally enjoyed it! As far as racing, I still don't know what. I'd say “yes”, but that's only if you've gotten used to not being obsessed over your time and pace. 🙂

  2. I think running without a watch is a great idea once a week or so – if running is your exercise of choice, you should do it because you enjoy it! That means running without a timer shouldn't bother you at all!

  3. Fear is a big one… as is PRIDE for me.

    I do run with a watch… but there are days/races when I just run for fun/feel… not looking at my watch/speed/time. 🙂 Those are the best races where I enjoy myself the most 🙂

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