Life Happens. #DealWithIt Plus: 15min workout

Life happens. How to you deal with life’s unexpected interruptions? Sick kid(s) (like mine right now), death in the family, injury or illness with yourself are just a few of the disruptions life can bring. It’s all in how you deal. 

Me… I’ll be real, honest, open, and raw with you guys… I don’t deal well. My first instinct is to whine, pout, and allow myself to become frustrated. This is definitely an area in my personal life I need to work on a daily basis. I instantly want to FREAK out if I can’t get my run or workout in or if my training has to take a backseat to oh you know, LIFE. Priorities my friends. 
I’m definitely a happier mom, friend, employee, and overall human being when I can get a solid week of running in, but sometimes that’s just not the case and I’m forced to improvise an DEAL WITH IT. 
Don’t let attitude and emotions control you. YOU control those bad mamma jammas ( here again, something I’m working on! ). I don’t claim to have my junk together all the time.


Here’s a quick 15 minute workout I created to sneak in a little fitness. And let me tell you, just getting that short workout in was enough to get my energy up. That’s all it takes my friends. No need to slave away for an hour. Unless of course that’s your goal. 🙂

15 minute 15 rep workout upper body workout designed by yours truly to help you feel motivated and accomplished. Perks include, but not limited to, amazing arms, instant energy boost, and total confidence boost. You don’t need an hour a day to see results. It’s about consistency and determination. 
Now let’s get on with it. 
***Disclaimer: please remember, I’m not certified (yet) in anyway to train or advise you in your personal healthcare or fitness. I’m only sharing with you what worked for me personally. Please consult with your personal health care provider for any health matters. I am in no way responsible for your healthcare.***

This is how it works: 

Depending on your current fitness level, you may want to aim for completing one round in 15 minutes and challenge yourself until you can rock out three rounds in 15. I tested this workout and finished it in exactly 15 minutes! So it can be done. Be sure to stretch your arms well afterward. Your back and arms may be tight. But that means your working on those tight summer arms!!
Plus: strong arms = strong arm swing for running! Woot! You know I’ve got to make it running related somehow. 

***So do you freak out as soon as life throws you upside down and/or sideways? Or do you deal with it like a champ? Please share! Any go-to quick workouts you can share?***

Short n’ Sweet #MondayMotivation

So what’s new with you? Wellllll, I signed up for my first 5k race this year, Brevard Rotary’s 7th Annual White Squirrel. I’ve participated in two races this year, the Oskar Blues 4-miler and Legacy Run 5k, yes, but I am running this one to race. I’m ready to test my speed. I’ve read and heard advice that training for and racing a 5k to get your best time is an excellent way to help set your personal standard for marathon training. I used that method for my first and second marathon and it worked well. I missed the marathon in Georgia last year, but this year I’m determined to try again. Being a runner doesn’t mean that you just run around, it means you run YOUR life with a passion and pursue success in all aspects of life. You don’t quit, give up, or whine about it. You just do.

So let’s see, things to do for the remainder of the year:

  1. Plan a wedding
  2. Get married to the love of my life
  3. Study for and pass the NASM exam
  4. Become a personal trainer and rock people’s world
  5. Run a marathon (Hopefully, the Rock n’ Roll Marathon in Savannah GA, November)
  6. Be awesome
Running pretty much makes you awesome.

Oh yes. It’s totally do-able.

**What’s on your to-do list? Do you have any running/racing goals the rest of the year? I have found that having specific goals, adding specific tasks to the to-do list, and seeing baby steps through helps me to accomplish much!**

***Happy (& Blessed) Running!***

P.S. – The ankle is feeling so much better! Recognizing the pain quickly and taking care of it worked wonders. Never ignore even a hint of pain!

Legacy Run 5k Race Review. SMART Girls Run!!

Legacy Run Fun

Today I ran at the Inheritance of Hope Legacy Run with the group of SMART Girls I’ve been volunteer coaching with. Having the opportunity to get to know some of these awesome girls and run with them has been one of the biggest blessings in my life. One girl I ran with today beat her previous 5k race time, and knowing I was a part of that is priceless. Ended up running into her and her family post race at lunch in town and her mom thanked me for her awesome race. I about cried. I know it may sound super silly but this is the stuff in life that counts. I believe this is where God wants me to be. I ended up running 5.67 miles for a 5k and for the first time I didn’t care about my time. I wasn’t obsessed with how slow or fast I ran. I just ran the girls in as I found them and ran back to catch another. If you don’t volunteer somewhere, somehow, may I strongly suggest you do. Especially if you’re a runner. Taking time out to enjoy the run really helps you put life in perspective and relax a little along the way.
This past Wednesday they talked about 5k prep and showed the girls the video about IOH and why we run it. It both breaks my heart and causes me to smile at the same time. Because during a sad time in some families lives, through the money raised with these runs these families are given the chance to create lasting positive memories.

Check out the video:

For more info check out The Legacy Run’s website HERE.

And be sure to LIKE their Facebook page HERE!
FOLLOW them on Twitter HERE!


As far as race specifics:
Here’s a brief summary. This was one of the best organized and fun events I’ve participated in.

Distance: The race hosted a 5k, 15k and a kid’s fun run. A distance for everyone.

Course: I can only testify for the 5k because I didn’t run the 15k. Maybe next year? Ran out from the college, up jailhouse hill (mean, huh?), through down town Brevard, through a neighborhood, past the Farmer’s Market and back to the college. Really a nice course, even with jailhouse hill. The course took you down hill several times too so it made for a fun roller coaster ride.

Consumables: Plenty of food, snacks, and water pre and post race. Bananas, KIND bars, and brown bag lunches with chicken salad (I think? I didn’t grab the bag but I believe that’s what was in it.) and baby carrots. I was stoked to see KIND Bars there. My favorite on-the-go snack. All natural ingredients you can pronounce and recognize. Be sure to check them out.

(((Find KIND on Facebook and Twitter.)))

Potty: I didn’t count but I want to say there was around 6 porter potties on site. Not a bad line. AND they had portable sinks to wash your hands in outside. Fancy, eh?

Music: Plenty of energy with the dj, music, and speaker. After our race some of the SMART girls, coaches, and others learned a few new dance moves. Thanks to DJ Dogg at Class and Sound Extreme! SMART Girls run and dance. Woot!

Extras: The kid’s had fun with the bouncy houses, face-painting, and balloons. I loved how family friendly this event was. Never a dull moment. Truly something for everyone.

Swag: A super cool swag bag for both the kids and adults. For the kids who participated in the fun run, they received a goody bag from our local toy store O.P. Taylor’s with a $5 gift certificate, coloring book, crayons and a dentist was generous with a toothbrush, floss, and other goodies. I was a bit envious of his bag!
In the other race bag we got a sticker, magnet, pencil, keychain and various handouts and of course the tee. One of the better swag bags I’d say.

Grubbing after race festivities and sporting inspire hope tees

We stayed until they handed out awards and cheered everyone on. Which was also a first for me. I usually leave right after, but staying for the whole event made my heart happy.

A little gun show rawr!
Happy (& Blessed) running!

Being Wise Sucks. Ankle Problems.

Occasionally you’ll find yourself in pain. A small twinge or sharp stabbing pain may cause you to stop in your tracks physically, mentally, and/or spiritually. One small pain ignored has tremendous power to escalate into a major blowout later if not tended to as soon as the pain is recognized. But today we will be speaking solely on physical terms. I can get into a deeper post another time. I could write a 10,000 page book on the many correlations and phenomenons of running and the way it parallels within life. 

But for today being wise physically sucks. 
Why? Because it takes wisdom to know when to slow down and sometimes even come to a complete stop. 
Because I’ve told myself that I can not run on a perfectly beautiful day. The kid is in school and I didn’t have to be at work until 11 am. But in being wise, I’ve placed myself in timeout. Yesterday after two miles on the treadmill I noticed a tight feeling in the lower left side on my left ankle. I believe it’s due to the fact I almost rolled my ankle on last Sunday’s run on a rock (I am by nature, a total klutz). I will be stretching and mending. In the two and a half years that I’ve been running and training I’ve yet to experience a serious injury {{knock on wood}}, because if I ever felt any kind of discomfort, unlike that of your regular fatigued or sore muscles, I’ve slowed down or stopped to care for the pain. And it usually occurs in my ankles. I’ve had weak ankles for as long as I can remember and as I’m trying to build my mileage back up to prepare for marathon training I’ve neglected my regular ankle strengthening routine. I had a routine I would run through a few times a week and it worked like a charm. But like any other muscle if you do not exercise it, it will lose it’s conditioning over time and become weak again. So here we go. This is the routine I’ve used in the past and as of today am restarting. I perform the ankle rolls each time before I run but not necessarily the others. I perform all exercises listed below once or twice a week. Very short and simple. 

Ankle strengthening and flexibility routine

**Disclaimer reminder: I am not a professional, or licensed in any way, to treat or advise you on YOUR personal injury, health, fitness, and/or personal well-being (although I am working towards that! Yay!). This is simply my personal routine that has worked for me personally. I compiled these exercises through my own personal research.**  

Ankle rolls: As simple as it sounds, while standing, balance yourself on one leg and lift the opposite leg out in front of your body slightly and rotate the ankle clockwise 10-15 times and repeat in counterclockwise direction. This is a two part strength and flexibility move, you strengthen one ankle while balancing on one and work the flexibility while rolling the other. However, you may want to start by standing next to a chair to balance. 

•Hang 30: Find steps, preferably next to railing to balance yourself, let the balls of your feet hang off the edge of the step while holding your balance with the front pad of your foot on the step. Hold for 30 seconds. 
•Calf raises: Lift yourself off the floor standing on your toes. Repeat 10-15 times or however many you find comfortable. Strengthen your calves and ankles here!
•Ankle “windshield” wipers: while sitting upright in a chair place your feet together and in one move “wipe” your feet out while keeping your heels together. Repeat 10-15 times. Then, in one move while keeping your big toes together “wipe” your heels outward. Repeat 10-15 times. 
These are my four basic moves. 
Do you have any great tips for ankle strengthening? Please share!!! Knowledge is power and we can never learn enough. 
For additional exercises and excellent tips: 


***Do you find it difficult to stop or slow down? Have you experienced an injury due to it? Which body part on you is most prone to pain/injury?***
***Happy (& Blessed) Running!!!*** 

Running On Empty

It’s no secret that today is the holiday Easter. I’m sure we will all hear about egg hunts, the ‘Easter bunny’, and so on and so on ( anyone else find it strange that a bunny hides chicken eggs?!). Some celebrate with chocolate bunnies and eggs, still others church dresses and bow ties, and then there’s those who just don’t even think anything of it.  I think on Easter daily; so to speak. 


There are many days I feel like I’m running on empty. Nothing left to give in the tank. Be it in mothering, working, running, or studying. But because of Jesus’ empty tomb, God’s sacrifice, I can boldly carry on in life. And when I feel as though I can’t, He is there to carry me on. In the good and bad, the worn and weary times, and throughout the happy and blessed times.  
This verse reminds me that during their deepest and darkest times these people found a hope to run towards. It’s as though they were racing to see the empty tomb. They were panicked at first, but at the end of the day they knew their Jesus was very much alive. And my God gave each of us that gift, if you’d receive it. The gift of hope, Grace, Peace (John 20:21), and of Salvation. 
So when you’re running on empty, can’t see the light of day, and feeling as though the world has betrayed you, rest assured there is a living hope. Run towards the One who can save the soul. Choose this day to live an abundant life, filled with faith, hope, joy, and love. 
Run the race set before you…and when you find yourself on E, you know where to fill up …on the Holy Spirit. Better than any GU or sports drink! 

***Happy (& Blessed) Easter (& Running)!!***