Welcome to The Gun Show.

Gardening, SMART Girls, yoga, hiking, and running. That’s my wonderful, amazing and full life these days. 
Not the prettiest or largest garden albeit it’s mine. 🙂 work in progress. Like me. Like all of us. 
Gardening helps nourish the soul and mind. I should garden more. Soooooo glad spring is around the corner! Let’s pray these grow! At least one would be nice… 

Every gardener needs a pair of cute gloves.  Right?!  
Any gardening pros have flower growing success tips?!
From the garden to the gym…

Thanks to the fiancé I’m no longer afraid of the gym’s weight room. Bam. Welcome to the gun show.😜 okay, okay so not an impressive gun show, I’ll admit…but baby steps! You think Oxygen Magazine is looking for models? Ha ha!!

Weight lifting seems to be helping my running…something I never thought would. I mean, I’ve read about it but was against it because I didn’t want to bulk up. I haven’t bulked up obviously. But am starting to tone up a bit. We’ve also started doing yoga together once a week at our local racquet club’s class. It helps tone the bodacious bod and helps with the body’s flexibility. 

Tone arms+strong core+balanced body=strong runner. 
****What are some things you didn’t do or were against while running or training that you found to be beneficial later? How did you overcome certain fears or skepticism
What hobby calms your soul and mind?***

{{Happy & blessed running!!}}

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