The Day I Learned To Like the Color Purple.

For as long as I can remember I have disliked the color purple. I’m not sure why, but I’ve always carried a strong distaste for anything resembling the color purple. I’ve even been known to spout off, “that color wants to make me vomit!”. I know, silly.
But then I took a spur of the moment beach vacation with my son. Sometimes all it takes is a different view, change of perspective, and/or a breath of fresh air.
I know, I know, in my last post I said we were being totally broke and boring during spring break. But I couldn’t help myself and had to get away! Something inside me just screamed, GO. Have you ever had a “just-go” moment?

North Myrle Beach

Little man and I at the indoor pool!

So what the heck does the color purple and going to the beach have in common? Well after about three or four hours of driving (that’s a lot of time to think…the kid was perfectly quiet with his mp3 player and books) we saw purple trees lining both sides of the road. Tons of purple! Purple vomit everywhere!!! These were the first trees I had seen with any flowers or color in them since fall. After a long, cold winter we still had yet to witness many trees with color or flowers in bloom. As minor as this may sound, after a long, dark, and cold winter, any sign of life in color was very welcomed. And it just happened to be purple. That day I began to see the color for what it is. God’s creation. The MAJOR thing here is the learning lesson I gained; perspective. Sometimes it takes rough, dark, long trials in our lives before we can even begin to see the beauty in what surrounds us. I can no longer snub my nose at the color purple. [I’m sure this will make my mother pleased. :-)] Looking at the bigger picture here, I can now find myself at peace with this beautiful color. And likewise, find peace in other situations in my life. When we step back to witness life at a distance sometimes the colors change in our own eyes. It’s been said that, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. We can take this a step further and see the beauty in our own selves.  Step back and look at yourself, or your life from a distance or in another context and see what is truly beautiful.

Photo source

On  lighter note, my NASM reading and studying is going well. It’s obvious I have a TON to learn. I keep getting terms mixed up with other terms, ect. but I’m getting them right after much practice. One of the best ways to learn is by screwing up. Yes, I just said that. I find it to hold true. We learn by trial and error and often times we error and error and error. But when we do mess up, we are more likely to remember that mistake and not repeat!
Here’s me at our local racquet club. I really enjoy the facility! So today after delving into NASM Essentials of Personal Fitness Training, I decide to give push-ups on a stability ball a shot. First attempt, I managed two. Second attempt? I about manage to fall flat on my face. Nice. Thankfully the club consists mostly of the older population, so no big competition to laugh at me. Often times, we never start projects or we hesitate on taking chances because we don’t feel ready. I did NOT feel ready to try push-ups on that ball. But I did it a third time and managed to squeak out five. Maybe you don’t have any issues with stability balls, maybe I have terrible form right now. Maybe I don’t feel ready, but I am pushing on. (((ha ha get it? Pushing on? Like push-ups?? oye. I could have been a stand up comedian. Okay, maybe not, but you have to admit it was a little humorous, right?))) When does anyone ever feel really, ready for any challenge set before us? Okay, I said I would keep this on a lighter note. But I just feel compelled to let you know that it is OKAY to not feel ready. Feelings come and they go. But you must push through and try and try again. You just might surprise yourself in the end.

What doesn’t challenge us doesn’t change us.
**Have you ever experienced a new train of thinking or thought after many years of thinking one way? What have you done recently to challenge yourself?**
***Happy & Blessed Running!***

Feeling Free Friday 2nd Edition

What is up my friends?! It’s Friday and we are feeling free today blogging about whatevs. And hopefully give you a little chuckle. After 5 pm my weekend and all next week off from work begins!! We aren’t doing anything too exciting during the kid’s spring break other than enjoying life together. Wish I could say we were hitting the beach or something cool like that but we are in the middle of planning some wedding thing. 🙂 I’m sure we will do some running, hiking, biking, gardening, cooking, wedding stuff, digging into my new NASM book and study material…maybe spring clean if I can manage the time. 😉 All that totally cool, exciting, and not boring at all stuff. Anyway…

So what’s new here? We are 210 days from wedding day! I’ve already got a ton of stuff done (venues, dj, food, dress, and  invites… Oh my!) but feels like there’s mountains of stuff yet to accomplish.
For my married pals out there: 
if you could do your wedding over again what things would you keep and what things would you change?

Me freaking out? Nah. Not quite yet but I’m sure it’ll happen sooner or later… Hopefully not though! Trying to remain calm and remember a wedding is about two lives (in this case three with little dude) joining together as one. Nothing to freak out over. 
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Wait, I take that back. I did have a mini melt down over the guest list. But that’s only because I’m B-R-O-K-E and cannot afford to feed everybody and their cousin. No, really I can’t. I feel the pressure there big time. Can’t we BYOF this thing?! I kid, I kid. 
At any rate. Happy Friday and y’all make it an amazing weekend! 
***Happy & Blessed Running!*** 

I’m Just.

A pic from my foggy run this morning. And by the end of my run the sun had come out… Just a nice metaphor for pushing through the dark times until the light shines through!

I’m just a mom.

I’m just a student. 
I’m just an employee. 
I’m just a starving artist. 
I’m just a slow runner. 
I’m just a walker. 
I’m just high-school educated. 
I’m just a drop out. 
I’m just a nobody…
Fill in your own “just”:

I’m just______.

Then I want you to toss that idea of only being a “just” something because YOU ARE AN AWESOME SOMEBODY.

Regardless of where you came from or regardless of you past, family history, level of education, YOU still have the power to rock this world baby!
I’ll give you the best example: Jesus. 
Did he receive his masters degree, obtain any awards or medals for anything? No, but He did learn from others as a child and He always had all he needed and always gave his love to the people. 
Now please don’t misunderstand me, I do believe in formal education. It’s a great and effective way to learn and grow yourself into a world of opportunities. I’m simply saying that just because you didn’t receive it doesn’t mean that you are any less than anyone, anywhere. And it also doesn’t mean that you still can’t go grab it with both hands. Inside of you God has given the gifts and talents you need to live an abundant life. Let’s focus on those
So what are some steps you could take TODAY to set your future on fire? Running ignited the passion within me to seek out goals I’ve had and had  been too afraid to pursue. Doubt. Worry. What-if’s. I’m just mentality. 
Running helped me see through all my “just” doubts and gave me the confidence to truly believe that I just might be able to rock the world or at least my little corner of the world. Every now and then the doubt tries to creep back in. But with each fear or doubt push it back with something positive. On your day wherever you are right now on this planet, do something positive for someone else or say something uplifting and watch it grow beyond yourself. We call this the ripple effect.
Some super, basic tips for rocking this world {or at least your corner of the world}:
  • Think BIG. 
  • But start small.
  • Envision goals, dreams, ambitions. Maybe start a journal. There is power in the written word. Something motivating about seeing it on paper. And don’t even think twice about how lofty they may sound. 
  • Now, pen (or pencil) out the steps that might be required to reach that goal. Starting with the tiniest step, maybe in example, “Go to library and research books on topic.” With each goal accomplished you will begin to have that accomplished feeling of ‘I can do this’. With each small step conquered the next one will come near naturally and before you know it you will have reached your next goal.
  • Realize that you will probably fall flat on your face at times. Maybe many times. That is totally normal and ok. Take that time to re-evaluate where you are in your quest and learn from the mistake(s). Mistakes will most assuredly be made. But that shouldn’t be a game stopper. 
  • Keep it fun. Don’t sweat too long or hard over a stumbling block. Take a break when everything becomes a chore and not a passion. To get to where you’re going you will need to complete certain “chores”, however, the whole process should not feel as though it is one big chore.
  • And most importantly, never ever give up. Take a rest when needed, but don’t lose heart or hope.
“Success is stumbling from failure to failure with no loss of enthusiasm.”  – Winston Churchill 


**happy & blessed running**

Oskar Blues 4 Miler Recap! Plus a Reveal!

I ran this last year and absolutely loved it! Last year was the inaugural event and this year the race size about doubled in numbers. This race will most definitely become a huge hit. Last year’s personal race time for me was right at 30 minutes for 4 miles and I stressed over my time like crazy.. But this year was different. I ran it with my fiancé and as his first “official” race I wanted to run with him. And I have to say, hands down, that this was the best run I’ve had ((except the OKC Marathon last year.. –That’ll be a tough one to beat)).

“Two are better than one, because they have a good return for their labor:” (Ecclesiastes 4:9 NIV)

Running with my favorite person in the world makes running more pleasurable. There’s no pressure. Just enjoyment. 
We help each other along on the run and in life. As we all know running is one amazing metaphor for life…

We press on to win the race. And what could be better than having someone alongside you conquering the world together? This run made my heart happy. Racing isn’t always about stress, pressure, and time. ((However, the 5k in May, the WhiteSquirrel Race, is mine! I’m so ready to test myself! Without any challenge life would remain stagnant.))
Okay, so as far as race logistics… 
I registered early and got a sweet Mizuno tee! We registered P the day of and since they had run out of tee shirts they only charged $15, which is pretty nice. Usually race day costs go up, even with no tee. The kid’s fun run is always free and they give each kid a cool ribbon at the end.  
((The kid, D, finished his fun run in 9:02!))
One of the many great qualities of this event is that they keep it affordable and family friendly, so it appeals to many ages, backgrounds, and still to those who like to compete. The race does offer prizes and age range pottery mugs made from our local Mud Dabbers  Pottery. Very cool that they keep local businesses in the mix. 
The time: Race started at 11 which gave a nice chance to sleep in a bit. There was no horn, bell or whistle to let us know the race had started. It was a good thing we were paying attention to the folks in front of us because all of a sudden we were like, “oh, people are running now”.  
The course: An out-and-back, all but flat, speedy course. There might be one slight incline halfway through but nothing to write home about. It’s really a nice smooth course. It takes you out of Oskar Blues drive, onto the old Hendersonville highway briefly, then turns you under an old bridge, winds you through a small neighborhood and back. 

The food: Y’all know I take notice of food! They had fruits offered at the start of registry. Oranges, bananas. Then yummy, yummy pastries from Bracken Mountain Bakery post race. The waters were stationed away from the snacks which I found confusing. However, it doesn’t take much to confuse me. 😉
I think there may have been a food truck somewhere.. But I didn’t partake of that funness so I can’t tell ya what was good.

Crowd support: eh, not much no, but it is still a very new race. They did have ample EMS, firefighters, and officers in stand by. This is year number two, so I kind of expect that. There was a live band post race. We didn’t stick around too long but they sounded alright. Would of been cool to have some music jamming before the race started so we could get pumped up.   

Swag bag: A pen, magnet and a few paper handouts from sponsors. But whatevs.. The tee was super cool! 

•Easy, fun course
• Family friendly ((just because it starts at a brewery doesn’t mean there are drunk folks everywhere. They keep a clean atmosphere.))  
•Cool tee
•Excellent snacks  

Cons (rather, suggestions):
•Maybe a cool horn or something to let everyone know the race had started?
•Maybe some booty moving jams before race starts?

What I wished I had remembered to bring post race: 
•Face wash cloth or makeup remover. My face seriously broke out two days after sweating it out. Mmm. Yummy. 
•Powerade. They had water but my bod requires a little extra for replinishing. Yes, even after only 4 miles. We all know how quickly my bod dehydrates. Just refer back to my awesome 2012 4th of July run.. 

So check out for other cool races!


So to you my friends: 

**What races/runs have you ran recently? Any favorites? What is on your must have race day list?**

{{happy & blessed running!}}

P.S.~ so I might of mentioned something about pursuing something new in life on my Facebook page and that I would announce it on my blog today…<<what?! You don’t like my Facebook page?! Well “like” it cause you’re awesome. ;-)>> 

ok so the big news here:

I’ve decided to follow my passion and signed up for the NASM {National Academy of Sports Medicine} CPT {Certified Personal Trainer} course and I couldn’t be any more excited! I’ll also go after my nutrition cert, and hopefully also the womens and kids specialist cert. I’m a runner, lover of fitness/health/nutrition, and a motivator. So why not pursue what I’m passionate about? Let me tell you, it is never too late to follow your passions, dreams, ambitions, and goals!


Welcome to The Gun Show.

Gardening, SMART Girls, yoga, hiking, and running. That’s my wonderful, amazing and full life these days. 
Not the prettiest or largest garden albeit it’s mine. 🙂 work in progress. Like me. Like all of us. 
Gardening helps nourish the soul and mind. I should garden more. Soooooo glad spring is around the corner! Let’s pray these grow! At least one would be nice… 

Every gardener needs a pair of cute gloves.  Right?!  
Any gardening pros have flower growing success tips?!
From the garden to the gym…

Thanks to the fiancé I’m no longer afraid of the gym’s weight room. Bam. Welcome to the gun show.😜 okay, okay so not an impressive gun show, I’ll admit…but baby steps! You think Oxygen Magazine is looking for models? Ha ha!!

Weight lifting seems to be helping my running…something I never thought would. I mean, I’ve read about it but was against it because I didn’t want to bulk up. I haven’t bulked up obviously. But am starting to tone up a bit. We’ve also started doing yoga together once a week at our local racquet club’s class. It helps tone the bodacious bod and helps with the body’s flexibility. 

Tone arms+strong core+balanced body=strong runner. 
****What are some things you didn’t do or were against while running or training that you found to be beneficial later? How did you overcome certain fears or skepticism
What hobby calms your soul and mind?***

{{Happy & blessed running!!}}