Feeling Free Friday

I thought about posting something heavy duty for the soul, but I decided to keep things light-hearted around here today. 

I think I shall declare Fridays “free days” where I post something light-hearted, silly or way off running topic. I doubt I can get away from running much.. Yeah that last one was just a joke. 
Oh rest assure I’ve got some good “meat” coming up soon. I’m working on a good post that requires some deeper thought. For me this could be dangerous! 😉

Soooo as you all may be aware next Friday is the big V-day or as the singlely minded friends may refer to as SAD (singles awareness day). Be it with or without a romantically involved beau surely most of us have someone they love. So y’all have seven days to get your “will-u-b-mine”s together!
What I want to know is how you plan on celebrating (or anti-celebrate) this sweet (sour) day?
**Give me your best ideas, recipes, crafts, poems or whatever.  I’m just curious! {or it could also be that I am SO clueless as what to get/make for the boys in my life and need ideas stat!!}**
This is for the love in my life… 
[photo credit: http://milesgoneby.wordpress.com/tag/happy-valentine ]
How about races? Are there any sweet races your way? I’m not aware of any in our area here. Maybe I’ll run 14 miles or something special like that.  
Ha. Since I totally haven’t run a ten miler since two or three months ago… 
That’s all I have today. 

Selfie! You’re So Vain I Bet You Think This Post Is About You.

Hey, hey! Yes and this post is about me too.  So we are all a little vain, no?
Yesterday during SMART Girls we ran a few laps then headed inside to check out a few videos from the Dove self-esteem project. We often (especially woman) tend to criticize and down grade ourselves.  What kind of role-models are we to our kids, friends, family, everyday people when we do this? We teach people how to treat us so to speak.  Self image isn’t about vanity. It’s more to do with strength, spirit and confidence. 

Check out this video:

We also talked about taking an honest selfie. Not a posed or made up picture with dolling ourselves up, but a real selfie. Here’s mine sans makeup:

What do you dislike or like about you?  My dislikes are easy, my big front teeth, huge forehead and pale skin…

I also realized just how difficult it is to break the negative self talk cycle. It seems so easy to pick out all my “flaws” but more of a challenge to find what’s good and beautiful. Women especially tend to criticize and scrutinize all the little things. And 9 times out of 10 it’s the little things that no one else notices! So let’s be kind to ourselves because in doing so our kindness will reach out to others. Okay so I need you to hear this loud and clear because I know I needed to:
You are gorgeous darling (or sir if you happen to be of the male persuasion reading this)!!
An important factor to note:
When we are critical of ourselves we tend to be critical of others. Which in turn is not healthy for you or your relationships. 

You see where I’m going? Having a healthy, positive self image isn’t about vanity. If we don’t treat ourselves right we won’t treat others right. It starts with you. Be an encourager. Be the beautiful, positive, kind, encouraging you that you are!


So I have an official tee now!  Can’t wait to sport this bright yellow April 26th for the Inheritance of Hope 5k! This will be the girls’ first race. Makes me happy to see my race calendar filling up finally!

**Oh gosh and PS I almost neglected to announce my BIGGEST announcement! You may have noticed the small changes in the About Me section and title to my blog… This single momma is no longer single…my honey and I got engaged this past October! Big changes this year.  Just as soon as I got confident with the whole single parenting and running thing, now I get to learn about juggling family and running! I’m looking forward to a new chapter and adventure in my life.**



What Up Yo?!

Hey, hey everybody! Yup, I pretty much took a hiatus from blogging, running and all things motivational and inspiring. However, having said that I’m not gone! Still here! See? Hi!


I will be keeping this post brief with highlighting only a few major points. But expect more to come from me this year.. Because I expect that from me. 
To fill you all in, I did NOT run the Soldier Marathon last November. This was the first race ever that I signed up for and did not run. Disappointing, yes. Learning experience nonetheless. 
But. I will not dwell on that. I’m moving forward and pressing on to greater year. 
I did run a half marathon in Asheville however and did not die. So I count this as a success! 

The obstacles of your past can become the gateways that lead to new beginnings” -Ralph Blum

Often I find our obstacles can be our very own selves.
Fear, insecurity, doubts, uncertainty, past experiences.
**What are some of your own personal obstacles? And how can you overcome them?**
Set goals. Baby steps. 
So one of my goals for this year was to volunteer with SMART Girls {http://www.bgca.org/whatwedo/HealthLifeSkills/Pages/SMARTGirls.aspx} And WOW I am so glad I did! I see myself in some of these precious girls. They laugh, smile, run and brighten my spirit. Giving back to the community is probably the best experience anyone can have. All it takes is some time, effort and encouragement. Running with these girls brings back the fun of the run. But more than that, volunteering with SMART Girls is about positive self-esteem and becoming a strong little lady inside and out! I think about when I was a young girl I was so afraid of looking silly in gym class that I didn’t like to participate or often I simply didn’t participate {insert “but coach I forgot my tennis shoes..again” yeah I was that kid}. I’m hoping to be a positive force in at least one girls life. 
Volunteering side by side with some amazing young women is pretty awesome and blesses my soul for sure too. You can tell their hearts are in the right place! 

Okay, as you can see I’m pretty stoked about that group! As far as racing and running, I have finally signed up for one! Woot woot!!
I’m way out of shape. 
Can barely run three miles without thinking about quitting. 
I haven’t trained in about a year for anything. 
And I couldn’t be MORE EXCITED! 
Love a good challenge. Right? 

••So what’s on your race list?
••Goals for 2014? {yeah I realize I’m about a month late on the whole goal setting thing..}
••New happenings?

I’m dying to hear from YOU!! It’s been too long!! 

Run happy and blessed