OKC Memorial Marathon Recap April 26, 2013

My sincere apologies for a SERIOUSLY delinquent post! Still no home computer. Still a crazy work schedule. Still pressing on and running the race.
If I had one word to sum up this marathon experience: surreal.
The expo was awesome!  Well organized and I even picked up a BoniBand which I am now a HUGE fan of!  Perfect no sweat, no slip,  no headache kinda band.  Perfection!   I know you’re not supposed to try anything new during race time but I had forgotten my headband so this was an emergency.  Now I feel like I can use no other BUT BoniBands!
Also at the expo I had the privilege of meeting Bill Rogers! Sweet!  First running “celebrity” I’ve met and I gotta tell ya he’s a cool guy.  But aren’t all runners?

Little dude and I

They had packet pick up seperate from the expo which I thought was a great idea

Little dude and I going to grab the bib! 

The kids got to meet their own cool celebrity!

From beginning to the very end everything flowed near perfectly. And this may sound silly, but now I feel as though I can call myself a true marathoner.  Because this time I ran the whole way.  No walking.  The air in Oklahoma made breathing so much easier, the crowds were everywhere lining the streets, the gorilla and banana suits people really cracked me up at Gorilla Hill.  Which by the way, wasn’t too terribly bad.  But let it be known that Oklahma is not flat.  Well not OKC anyway!  The hills seemed to be long and gradually climbing over miles with not much down hill to make up for it.  But compared to Western NC they were definently managable.  I kept a steady pace throughout.  Which I also couldn’t say of the OBX 26.2. 
The true highlight of this whole event was having my son and whole family at mile 20 to give me high fives and cheer me on!

Only two complaints:
1.) starting with 25,000+ runners made it a challenge to get up to pace.
2.) I need new running undies. I had to er.. re-adjust a few times…but nevertheless…

Support before, during and after the event was abundant. There were plenty of aid stations! I drank at every water stop (because I’m a thirsty girl like that) except one.  I kept to the lemon-lime Poweraid and chose to forgo gels, pretzels or any kind of food and this worked out really well for my stomach.  And compared to my last marathon this is exactly what I needed! Stay hydrated=strong running throughout. Except, can anyone tell me how NOT to pee myself during a marathon? I don’t stop to use porta potties. I’ve not have #2 issues (knock on wood) so I never stop.  I chalk this up to having a kid… but geez I feel like I gotta tinkle 24/7.  Even when I’m not running!  Sorry for the TMI but maybe someone out there can help a girl out with some tinkle advice?!
4:04:13 sooo close to a sub-4! I was thrilled with this! I took 20 minutes off my time. Next 26.2 is mine.

After all is said and done…I just wanna go back home. Oklahoma was by far the best thing that could’ve happened this year.