7 Days 17 Hours Till OKC

Photo from OKC Memorial Marathon e-mail I received

This 16 weeks of marathon training has stunk, pretty bad.  Lots of rough patches and low’s with only a handful of hi’s.  But this is why I am running.  To remember.  To celebrate life.  Runners are resilient folks.
I could list all the excuses I have for why this marathon training has gone awry.  Sickness, treadmill death, work schedule gone wack, kid…etc etc
But, at the end of the day, I am blessed to run.  Blessed to have life.  Blessed to have family.  And that my friends, is what this whole trip is about anyway.  We head out next Wednesday for the trip of lifetime.  I may run slow and not achieve my time goals.  But that’s okay.  My goal now has changed.  Goals change.  People change.  And hopefully all for the better.  Keep in mind what counts today.  What’s most important.  I have learned more in 16 weeks than I have in 16 years.  Marathons have a way of doing that to you…
Happy (&Blessed) Running!