Flight of the Vampire 10k PR! Recap

Little dude and I post race victory pose!

 Strong. Happy. Elated.

Stats:49:511st female in age division 8/33 female19/56 overall

My Garmin read different time but we go with the officials.

This is how this race went: 100000x better than July’s.  A whole different racing experience than the last 10k. Fall may be the perfect racing season for me.  It was a small local race. There were 200+ participants in the 5k race and only 56 in the 10k. So nabbing 1st in my age division was kinda on my side with the smallness of the race. Plus there were other big races that weekend going on elsewhere.

1st in age division

Turns out this route was the same as the Firecracker 10k race so I felt this was an advantage. I knew where to conserve energy on hills and where I could push it faster. I knew where the turns were at and this was a big advantage at one point because I was able to pass a girl through a turn. 
I decided to pace myself and not focus on anyone faster than me.  As I passed the EMS crew I yelled, “I’m not going to die today! And I won’t need you!” Ha! Oh it was fun. Started out the first mile a bit faster than conserved through the middle and banged out the last 2 miles fast. What helped was just remembering to run happy.  I passed a few kids on the sidelines with pom poms and signs for their moms or friends. So cute! I focused on staying strong and positive and really paying attention to everything around me. I thanked every volunteer as I passed by. Which makes everything more meaningful.  All the volunteers were super friendly and helpful. During mile two I passed a girl and another during mile three and they never caught back up. That was a good feeling since last 10k I was passed … by several. Only one older man passed me this time. Man he was cooking for an old guy. Those old folks will totally rock out at these races. And then had a man trying to catch me. It was hilarious. He hollered (in good spirit) to the water station aid volunteers, “Slow that girl down!”  He caught up with me mile 5 and we pushed each other. As I crossed the finish line I saw my son, which was a surprise because originally he wasn’t going to be there so I sprinted and jumped in the air and screamed like a maniac.  People probably thought I was nuts.  I am okay with this.  This was a huge comeback for me personally from the awful July race.  It meant the world to me to have my son, my sister, my niece and aunt there all cheering. And I didn’t even realize one older gentleman was behind me close to the end and he thanked me after crossing the finish line for helping him push harder.  I didn’t even realize it. That was kind of cool. Ambition is contagious. He told me he was thinking that girl wants this bad. And he ran fast after me. That in itself is rewarding!

OMGoodness! I did it! My freakout face. Pretty isn’t it?

There were tons of people dressed up for this race in the Vampire and Halloween spirit.  I was dressed up as the serious runner. Ha! 
Now the klutz that I am I just couldn’t leave this race uninjured. I guess I had my watch strapped on too tight…oops. at least no iv’s were needed.

Battle wound

Overall this race was well executed. From the volunteers to the post race snacks. They even had bigger water cups this time. Thank the Lord. The only bummer….the goodie bags weren’t so good. Just had pencils, emery boards and papers…nah. I didn’t even bother grabbing one up. I got my t-shirt and medal. It was all good.
Yup. It was all good!
For more info on this race and what the Brevard Rotary supports check them out HERE.

Happy (&Blessed) Running!


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