DuPont 50k Relay!!

Trail racing newbie look…ME!

What have I gotten myself into?  A 50k relay to be precise.  Not just 50k, but a trail 50k! A friend from high school recently asked if I would step in for her sister’s place to run a relay with her due to the sister not being able to run it with her.  So we would each do roughly a 15 mile leg.  I’m a little hesitant and way nervous.  It’s one thing to run 15.5 miles on the road and another on the trails!  But I’m also thinking that since I didn’t get to register for the half in Asheville this will be kinda like doing a half…except longer…and more challenging!

My concerns:

  • Being the klutz  that I am I fear I will twist my ankle
  • I’m a gps retard and afraid I will get lost on the trail.
  • I’m afraid I will disappoint with a slow time…I’m not so speedy on the trails.
  • What if I can’t find my partner on the day of the race or during the trade off?
  • What do I wear to a trail run?!
  • What do I bring?
  • I fear I will  be dead last.
  • Or just be dead.

 So here’s some info on the race:

Course description HERE
DuPont is pretty awesome from what I’ve heard and it was also the filming ground for the Hunger Games (which I didn’t care for the movie but whatever).
Just check out these photos!  My mental game plan here is to just run it easy and enjoy the run as a long run and take in the scenery.
I fear I will be last…but at least I can get some good sight seeing in.
   I did find a Runner’s World article with some sound advice
And 17 Tips HERE I found useful (and humorous) BUT, 
***Has anyone ever done a 50k relay or similar? Or participated in a trail run?
I am requesting tips and thoughts PLEASE!!!!!!***


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