Tips & Tricks Tuesday: Balancing Work and LD Running

Work (W•E•R•K): nasty 4 letter word we all need to support our running adventures and general life. 

I was inspired for this post this morning by Wild Things Run Free’s post on working on your feet all day and training for a long distance event.

Question is, how do you deal, manage long distance event training while on your feet at work all day?

It can be tiring and time consuming!  Especially if you add kid(s), managing a household (sometimes all on your own) and other family/friends events in the mix.  Let me tell ya, some days after running and working my poor feet and ankles look like misshapen watermelons!

A few things that have helped me get through it all and manage a happy, well-balanced (well…almost!) ;~) life:

*Try to remember there’s always someone who has it worse…like my friend oversees fighting for our country. He has to run in high heat, high altitude all while carrying 50+(give or take…can’t remember the exact number but I know it sure is heck more than what we carry!  Unless you’re preggo…then that’s a whole other story) pounds on his back while fighting for YOU!  It kind of puts things in perspective. Especially when we have the option to hit the treadmill in the a/c and aren’t running from bombs or guns pointed at us.

*Make time to give your tooties some lovin. I like to scrub my feet with peppermint foot scrub.  And usually just give them a quick scrub down while taking my shower after my long runs.Very refreshing. 
     •Informative bit on feet and foot care

*S-t-r-e-t-c-h it all out!  Everyday, give yourself at least 5-10 minutes to stretch your bodacious body out and massage your legs and feet.  A few yoga poses will help. Your body will thank you.
     •Sneak in stretches at work if possible. While I’m standing at the computer I’ll grab my ankle and pull my leg up behind me for a quick stretch. Get creative.  Every little bit helps!

*Consider investing in some good compression socks.

*Wear the right shoe not only on the run, but also at work.  A great shoe can make all the difference!  If you’re local to Western NC, check out Asheville Foot Rx. They can give you a good fit!  Or just look up a specialty running store in your area.

*Do the legs up the wall stretch.  Sit your bottom as close to the wall as possible and prop your legs directly up the wall and drain that lactic acid baby!
      •Here’s an excellent post on stretching for the LD runner from Livestrong

*REST!  Do not overlook it. “But I don’t have time to rest”. Yes you do. Turn off the tv, cell, whatever other distraction and rest it up. Lock yourself in the bathroom away from kid(s) if you must. But get it in.  Think bubble bath..if I had a tub. Pssht.

*Make time for family and friends.  And talk about THEIR lives. Not running. It’s good for the soul.  It will refresh you and remind you what life is truly about.

*If you get a lunch break take advantage of it. Sometimes I like to eat in my car and prop my feet up on the dash. Its a mini refresher.

*EAT, DRINK & be merry!  Stay fueled to keep strong!  BUT if you have a job like mine, no eating or drinking on the job, you gotta get sneaky. I like to stuff quick bites in my pockets. Think almonds, raisins, fruit snacks, etc… and use your potty break also as a snack breakaway!  Except DO NOT eat while on the pot. That’s just gross…

*Manage your time wisely and know when to cut back.  Easier said than done I know, I know but I don’t think I could stress this point enough.  Sometimes I have a 7 day straight workweek and during those weeks I do cut back on mileage some. And that is totally OKAY!  I know I can always get it on next week when I have more days off. 

*Give yourself some wiggle room.  When I started my Marathon Training plan I gave myself two extra weeks of wiggle room. Which has been a tremendous help!  I’m currently on week 8 of training and have decided to repeat one of the easier weeks due to a hecktic work week and school starting up with the kid.  Didn’t build in extra weeks?  That’s fine. If you need to back off, do it. For your body’s sake.  Your body will eventually adapt to the stresses and become even stronger as long as you stay in tune with your body.

*Remember to BREATHE!  Seriously, that’s one excercise you can handle while on the job. When stressin, get breathin! <~that's totally a word. I just said so.

*Don’t forget what you’re training for!  Give it all the heart you’ve got.

“When your legs get tired, run with your heart.” ~ someone really wise.

On another note:  So where have I been all weekend?  Enjoying life!  Thanks to a new running friend I had the privelage of checking out Swamp Rabbit Trail in Greenville, SC!  It is a neat place.  That city is perfect for the busy runner.  Tons of hidden gems and good food!  Sounds like my dream.  Except it’s hot. Really hot. Check out SRT HERE!

***DISCLAIMER:  Please remember these are tips and website links that have worked for me but may or may not for you.  Always seek your own doctor or personal trainer before starting anything new.***

Anyways, hope some of these tips and links provide useful!

Happy (&Blessed) Running!


4 thoughts on “Tips & Tricks Tuesday: Balancing Work and LD Running

  1. Great post. For me it is important to wear flat shoes. I can not wear heels and then run in the evening. It's tough to get a decent amount of miles in during the week, especially when you are commuting. Sometimes I try to run a double (3.5 miles at lunch and up to 5 miles in the pm).

  2. I agree! I couldn't tell you the last time I've wore heels of any kind….I have a friend who gets most of his running done at lunch too but his company offers showers, etc and Walmart does not. Don't want to go back to work all kinds of stank! Is it okay to split up long runs? I've wondered that…

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