Tips & Tricks Tuesday: Training Plans

Choosing the right training plan can be a large factor in success or failure of a race.  And depending on length of race you’re committing to 8-16 (sometimes 20! Eek!) weeks of your life to it.  Having a training plan helps in so many ways.  I personally like knowing what I have to do to achieve my goal(s) and a good plan can lay that all out for you.

Be sure to choose one that:

  • Will fit your life’s schedule (Do you work full-time? Have kid(s) to tend to?)
  • Is on your current level of fitness (Too fast, too soon can spell out a nasty injury)
  • Suits your personality. (Are you more laid back and go with the flow? Or prefer a more ridged schedule?)
I chose Run Less, Run Faster because it’s 3 concentrated runs and 2 days of XT a week which fits my busy (and unpredictable at times) work schedule.  And it has very specific times and paces which I enjoy. I like having something detailed so I know exactly what to do.  I don’t flounder around very well and won’t end up with good results if I just went with the flow.

Run Less, Run Faster

Here I am, on week seven, following RLRF’s 16 week marathon plan and all is well thus far (knock on wood and say a prayer) except one tiny, little thing … I miss running for just for the sake of running!  I like having a schedule of sorts but sometimes I just want to break loose!  So today I “cheated” on my plan and ran 3 miles just for fun.  I’m hoping this won’t hinder the rest of my week’s plan.  Especially the 20 miler I am supposed to hit tomorrow… we shall see… Last time I tried to hit 20 I only made it to 16.  But two weeks ago I did manage 18!  Barely.  But hey, it was done!  I am seriously questioning my desire to run a marathon…after this ruckus I may go back to 5ks!  :~) 
**What training plans do you follow? And do you ever find yourself wanting to break loose? **
Happy (&Blessed) Running!



3 thoughts on “Tips & Tricks Tuesday: Training Plans

  1. <3 you rock! Yes, I desire to do much more than my plan allows especially now that the runs are tapering down. I have a 45 minute run today and I feel it is not enough. I am following the Honds CRV Beginner Half Marathon training plan from and I do love it. I just fear that the taper is going to kill me. Kudo's on making 18 miles, I am still not sure if I ever desire running more than a half. Maybe eventually.

  2. Last year, I started with the RLRF plan but changed in the middle of marathon training to Hal Higdon's Intermediate plan. I prefer to just run x amount of miles and don't have to worry about pace or anything else, just enjoy running. The RLRF seemed good but since I didn't do well on cross training, I was worried running 3 times a week would be enough for a successful marathon.

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