BeachBody Review! How INSANE are you willing to go?!

Yes, I do realize that beach season is approaching it’s end….but, why let the beach body go?!
Each year we females (and males, go ahead men and admit it!) go through a nasty, vicious cycle of winter weight gain, suffer from guilt and depression, killing ourselves to get back in shape and after it’s all said and done we are back to square one.

How about make it a goal to maintain that beach body?  It is so much easier to maintain than to struggle summer after summer. With these programs you get so much MORE than just workout DVDs.  You learn the fundamentals of LASTING fitness.  The results are promising!

Why not start out fresh and cleanse your system?
Ultimate Reset!

If you’re ready to amp up your current workout, here’s the link to the much anticipated sequel to INSANITY:

INSANITY: THE ASYLUM Volume 2 Workout – THE ASYLUM Volume 2, Next 30 Days of Elite Training –

Link to my favorite Love/Hate relationship:
My core has always been my weakest area.  I hate working it out!  But I love the burn I get from working it out.

And now it is convenient with an app for the iPhone!  Take your workout with you wherever!  How cool is that? Check it out here:  iPhone App

So why BeachBody?

1.) No workout boredom!
2.) Variety that keeps your body guessing!
3.) The online support you need 24/7
4.) The educational tools you need to keep the healthy/active lifestyle a lasting habit
5.) It is fun!
6.) A total hot body! Uh DUH! 😉
7.) Which in turn gives YOU confidence!
8.) Your body will be stronger than ever!
9.) Increased energy! <– we could all use more of that!
10.) Nutrition education
And those are just the top 10 reasons among hundreds more!

**As if that wasn’t enough motivation, check out one of my very best friends: 

Jenna: wife, mommy, nurse. I am truly in awe of her. I admire so much about her and more than just her awesome post baby body.  She has faith larger than life and a positive attitude.  She has a super, busy life as a mommy to a baby girl who will be ONE this year!  I cannot believe it!  This chick is so awesome, she lives a NO excuses kinda life and gets things done. Including her workouts!  She was able to transform her post baby body into a BODACIOUS body in just a few short months.  Just take a look for yourself!

5 months post-partum (after p90x before insanity)       7 months post-partum (after insanity)
Q’s & A’s  
1.       Why did I choose insanity? I chose insanity after p90x because I wanted to get my cardiovascular system in better shape and my core.  P90X helped get my muscles more toned and used to working out again after having a baby but I wanted to get more cardiovascular fit.  Plus a few friends of ours told us how great it is to rotate between the 2 workouts all year long.
2.       What was my favorite thing about insanity?  It didn’t require any extra weights and it was on average about 45 minutes to do the workout. 
3.       What was your favorite workout?  Cardio abs!  No boring crunches!


 Quick Links to get you where you need to be:

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Happy (&Blessed) Running (&p90xing)!!

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