Virtual Omypics Begins with Run with Jess!

Hey!  I’m doing something fun!  Participating in Run With Jess event Virtual Games Olympics style.  She’s always got something fun for us runners out there and I love her blog.  Go check her out!!!

Oh I’m serious. 
Run with Jess is hosting this event where we challenge ourselves to complete all events and compare our times to the Olympic athletes (haha as if I didn’t realize I was already slow!).  This has started off to be a fun event so far.  It’s gotten the family together for some fun and active play!
Here’s the link to the official Olympics running events —>NBC Olympics Home
First event was the 100m!  We went over to Brevard College’s track and did a warm-up and some 100m runs to test our times. 
Look who I drug along with me!

Everyone was a good and willing sport to join in and participate with me!
Here’s our “official” times:

David Ryall:
25.07 secs
Kiana Foster:
24.07 secs
Jackie Morrison:
16.51 secs
Jessica Ryall (aka: me): *May it be known, that during the course of this video, I discovered I have weak ankles…I am still a goofy runner after a year aannnd I am NOT a sprinter!!!*
16.26 secs

Enjoy the fun(ny) video of the event! 

     **Please excuse the not so great video quality….all recorded from the phone and it’s my first edited video!  There is one slight 10 second or so area where one of the kids were in charge of recording…You will see where that is ;-)**

Happy (&blessed) Running!


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