17 Miles on ‘ol Treddy Whaaaat?!

I ran seventeen miles on my treadmill today. I had a blast.


Out of sheer desperation and lack of other opportunities to get outside early (before heat set it) I had to get my long run done on the treadmill. I know what you must be thinking, I’m nuts. Yes I am. But let me say it wasn’t all too bad until about mile 15 at that point I just wanted to be DONE.  Not the most fun two hours and fourty-five minutes of my life I admit.
There are perks of long runs on the machine, however.  For instance, I didn’t have to stop at any red lights, stop signs or careless, idiot drivers trying to run me over.  I had Pandora Radio set to uplifting music. Also kept my mind entertained with prayer, imagining running the marathon course and just let my mind wonder off…I set my speed at a slow and steady 9:40 min/mile pace and put my body on cruise control.  It was also nice to run in a/c and not battle humidity.  I felt pretty good afterward. No pains or twinges.  I felt a little fatigued later this afternoon but I figure that’s normal.  I also tried something new during this run. I usually go with Cliff Bar energy gels (I love my mocha gels!) but I had run out so I resorted to raisins. I would nibble on a few every 15-20 minutes or so.  Seemed to work well with no tummy issues.  Small and bite size. Easy to chew and digest. All natural sugar. Nature’s original energy ‘gel’.  A small step in teaching my body to digest foods on the run.  I may use this in the future…
I also learned something new about ‘ol Treddy, it shuts off at 99:99 minutes. So I had to stop.  Then restart. That was a mental challenge because if the treadmill stops then logically I should be able to stop too, right?!  Wrong. I took the emergency clip out and put it back in and kept going.  I knew that to be fully prepared for this marathon I have to give each week of training 100% effort.  I didn’t give it my all before my last 10k race and it showed. In a terrible way.

*And this is me. After 17 miles.
Lovely aren’t I?*

Happy (& blessed) running!


2 thoughts on “17 Miles on ‘ol Treddy Whaaaat?!

  1. Wow! Great job!! You are doing great with your training! This is for OBX? Man, my long run was 6.5 miles today… =/ I am feeling like I need to seriously step it up—and purchase a treadmill. =)

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