Wisdom Wednesday

There have been many days (&sleepless nights) where I went over and over the Firecracker 10k event in my mind and thought of everything that went wrong. 
In reading my devotional this morning I came across a verse that really opened my eyes… Proverbs chapter 4 is all about wisdom and listening to ‘her’.  The one who gains wisdom will not fall!  In retrospect I do not believe I really listened to my body at all. I didn’t take the time to properly prepare. I just went about it eyes wide shut. Now, more than ever it’s so important to LISTEN!  Wisdom is vital for our everyday lives, yet is often ignored.  So before each and every single training run, race or whatever I do in life, my prayer should be, “God grant me wisdom that I might not fall!”
I have a hard time slowing down to listen to anything. I just go and do. But there’s much to be said to slowing down at times…

*By the way, this neat little picture is from the OBX marathon!  Where I will be running in four short months!!*

Here’s to wisdom my friends!  Get some on ya!!!

*I want to know, have you ever sped ahead with a run, race or life and found damaging results?  Am I the only one who has a hard time slowing down to listen for a minute??*


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