The Kid’s swim meet!

Check this kid out!  I could not be more PROUD of him.
He’s always loved the water. Pool. Lake. River. Ocean. He just loves the swim. All of a sudden I had a light-bulb moment.  So I googled.  I had no idea our county had a swim team or even what ages they let participate.  But after a few clicks and an e-mail later the kid was signed up.
My kid has never had the official swimming lessons. He can swim for sure just didn’t with the correct “stroke” I guess you call it. *Don’t think I could ever do a tri because I know zilch about swimming.  It’s rather embarrassing.* But after just three practices he was ready and more than willing to get his feet wet, yes pun itended :~), with his first swim meet.
Lemme tell ya, this kid was awesome!  Now we have played all kinds of sports, basketball, soccer, baseball…but NEVER has he ever been so into  a sport.  He was cheering on his other teammates, paying close attention and soaking it all up.
I’m still not sure why I haven’t thought of this before. I guess because ball is such a big deal around here that I thought that’s what we do. But sometimes going a different direction and trying something new is the way. I’m so proud of my son. He was so brave. He says, “momma, I’m not a quitter and I’m gonna swim as fast as I can.” and boy did he!  He wasn’t first or second but also wasn’t last!  And for just learning the correct way to swim with only 3 days of real practice I think he did awesome!
And I had a lot to learn as well…
When we first arrived to the pool (we had to drive a little over an hour to the away meet) I felt like a fish out of water {again, pun intended here..haha I think I’m funny} because I knew nothing of swimming, meets, heats, jammers, goggles, 25s or 200s, butterflys, freestyles or anything. I didn’t know where to sit, stand, who to talk to.  But as the other teammates and families rolled it I finally got settled and started chatting with other new swim moms and some seasoned swim moms. I learned an awful lot that day.  Little dude only had one event close to the beginning and I had planned on leaving earlier but the kid really enjoyed watching about half the events. I expected him to be ready to go the minute he was done but he was excited to watch his teammates.
I think the most awesome thing from this whole adventure is his positive attitude.  He has a no quitter, hard working, dedication kinda ‘tude.

And I think, when your kid(s) see your good habits, they learn valuable lessons that cannot be taught from books. I don’t enjoy every single training run, but I do them. I go. I fight. I conquer my fears.

Hard work and dedication is my son’s “go-to” phrase.  And his new favorite theme song is “What it Takes to Win” by Journey.
I love that kid. 

Don’t be afraid to try something new and get your feet wet!


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