4th of July race duds

Girl on a budget!
>Tank: $3.88 Walmart (which I didn’t purchase myself…a sweet lady overheard me chatting with my co-workers about wanting the tank but not having any money on me at the time, for the race and 10 minutes later she came back with a receipt and tank!  *Angels among us..even in the small details of life!*
>Shorts: $12.00 Belk
I’m loving the bold colors!  A nice change of pace from pink and black!  And now that the outfit is complete I’m getting excited!  Nervous too…I’ve ran over 6 miles at a time on several runs…but never raced 6.2 miles!  Baby steps up to the big goal. The MARATHON! If I’m this nervous before the little races I think I will be a wreck before the marathon. 

P.S.~ Where are my shoes in this picture?? I’m not a barefoot runner!  I like my Brooks Cadence!  Think the yellow will clash too bad with the red, white and blue? Eh…if they help me go super fast who cares!

P.P.S.~ It’s okay to laugh at my puny arm muscles. It’s cool. I’m aware they’re puny. I’m a work in progress!!



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