Fresh Mango Salsa Trial…and ERROR!

So in taking my own advice my son and I played a little game at the grocery store.  We each pick out a fruit or veggie we have never tried before and googled a recipe for the ingredients. He picked out fresh mango (which at first excited me because I ENJOY anything mango flavored…but fresh mango is slightly different…still tasty however) and I picked out fresh cilantro…
Well apperantly there’s a “correct” way to cut a mango. Would of saved me a lot of frustration had I read more into the directions…I just thought oh it must be like an apple..WRONG!
Anyways, I’ve also discovered that I am in need of new, sharper set of knives. Or maybe a chopping machine.  Yeah, that’d be nice!  Trying to “mince” and “dice” with a near dull blade was like beating my head against the wall. I’m impatient by nature I admit so I didn’t quite chop all the onion into teeny, tiny bits..which I later discovered was a bad idea! Also too much jalapeño is not my thing…

I tried it tonight…just by the spoonful…it was so flippin’ spicy!!  I about cried.  Yet it was tasty!  I’m hoping when I bake my fish and rice tomorrow it will taste superb.
Next time less jalapeño and smaller bits of onion!
But I’m sure it’ll spice up my bland rice and fish tomorrow.
Overall experiance?  I think I will just buy it canned next time. Probably cheaper and I bet there’s a milder version available!

You can find the recipe HERE!!

I would love to hear from you! How do your first time recipes turn out??  Anyone tried this one or a similar mango salsa??  I would love tips and suggestions!

Happy eating! ;)
Food is your body’s energy! Eat well, run well!


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