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I’ve never ran a virtual race, but this one really strikes my interest. I love food. And I am able to eat most anytime I need or want. However, there are many who don’t and therefore are not getting the vital nutrition their bodies need.  If I can help feed 10 families just by running I’m all for it!!  I don’t live by any of the cities listed on the web site but I can run my own 10k.Planning on running it October 6th or September 23rd; depends of course on how my work schedule plays out. 
*Anyone who’s participated in a virtual race, can you tell me how it works?  Do I just pick a familiar 10k route and go?*

*Would anyone be interested in joining me in a virtual race?*

Happy (&blessed) running!

My little running coach

I have the BEST coach ever. Seriously. He’s seven years old and happens to be my kid.
He is learning what it means to work hard and challenge himself. Anytime I start to doubt myself or if I’m just having a rough day, my little buddy is always there with words of encouragement like, “you know you can do this!”
Now he’s not always into my little work out dvds (as he calls them) but when I’m working on some paticular move(s), like the crazy chaturanga push-ups (ugh those are super hard!), he let’s me know how my form is.  “Straighten your back mom!”  And he will challenge me to do 5 more.  He’s a great kid. I’m telling ya!
Now with his swim practices and meets he’s really learning what it means to challenge himself. He might say, “It’s hard!” But he’s getting the hang of not being afraid to try something new, like the backstroke.  Even the small details of life can help us grow stronger. It’s all in how we deal. We could say it’s too hard so I’m not going to try. OR we could say it’s hard and I’m gonna give it all I have today. That’s all we have to do. Just take it one day at a time.
Even if it’s just 5 more reps of a move.
25 yards more of a backstroke.
10 more minutes of a run, jog, walk whatever your current level
2 more push-ups. <– hey, now that's a challenge for me!
30 more seconds of a yoga pose.
10 extra minutes praying with your kid(s) at night. *this one being the most vital in all of life*

Give it all you got today and then some!  And when you feel like you just cant , give it to God.  HE is more than able.

The Kid’s swim meet!

Check this kid out!  I could not be more PROUD of him.
He’s always loved the water. Pool. Lake. River. Ocean. He just loves the swim. All of a sudden I had a light-bulb moment.  So I googled.  I had no idea our county had a swim team or even what ages they let participate.  But after a few clicks and an e-mail later the kid was signed up.
My kid has never had the official swimming lessons. He can swim for sure just didn’t with the correct “stroke” I guess you call it. *Don’t think I could ever do a tri because I know zilch about swimming.  It’s rather embarrassing.* But after just three practices he was ready and more than willing to get his feet wet, yes pun itended :~), with his first swim meet.
Lemme tell ya, this kid was awesome!  Now we have played all kinds of sports, basketball, soccer, baseball…but NEVER has he ever been so into  a sport.  He was cheering on his other teammates, paying close attention and soaking it all up.
I’m still not sure why I haven’t thought of this before. I guess because ball is such a big deal around here that I thought that’s what we do. But sometimes going a different direction and trying something new is the way. I’m so proud of my son. He was so brave. He says, “momma, I’m not a quitter and I’m gonna swim as fast as I can.” and boy did he!  He wasn’t first or second but also wasn’t last!  And for just learning the correct way to swim with only 3 days of real practice I think he did awesome!
And I had a lot to learn as well…
When we first arrived to the pool (we had to drive a little over an hour to the away meet) I felt like a fish out of water {again, pun intended here..haha I think I’m funny} because I knew nothing of swimming, meets, heats, jammers, goggles, 25s or 200s, butterflys, freestyles or anything. I didn’t know where to sit, stand, who to talk to.  But as the other teammates and families rolled it I finally got settled and started chatting with other new swim moms and some seasoned swim moms. I learned an awful lot that day.  Little dude only had one event close to the beginning and I had planned on leaving earlier but the kid really enjoyed watching about half the events. I expected him to be ready to go the minute he was done but he was excited to watch his teammates.
I think the most awesome thing from this whole adventure is his positive attitude.  He has a no quitter, hard working, dedication kinda ‘tude.

And I think, when your kid(s) see your good habits, they learn valuable lessons that cannot be taught from books. I don’t enjoy every single training run, but I do them. I go. I fight. I conquer my fears.

Hard work and dedication is my son’s “go-to” phrase.  And his new favorite theme song is “What it Takes to Win” by Journey.
I love that kid. 

Don’t be afraid to try something new and get your feet wet!

Race with Purpose

When I first began the whole racing thing I decided to make sure every race has meaning. Not just a time and place. This one is dedicated to all our troops. In honor of them I have my buddy’s troop number on my back. They are currently oversees fighting for our freedom. And our freedom includes running free.  My little 6.2 miles is nothing compared to the miles away they fight. But it’s a small gesture of my gratitude.
*And on the back of my old race bib is the number 173; from my fastest race to date.  Also, the number of his Airborne troops. Coincidence?!

Run with purpose!