Treadmill excitement…and Failure!

OH HEY THERE!!!  Been a while since I’ve been able to post  Still not real able to post but this poop of a smart phone is just gonna have to work with me here for a minute.  I have a TREADMILL now!!!! How exciting is that??? Now I can really have a game plan.  And then I had a game plan….  And then after weeks of wonderful use, one day I just blacked out on the darn thing.  Just like that I felt woozy and dizzy, my heart-rate soared up to 190, sounds were fading out so I hit STOP and the next thing I knew I was picking my head off the dashboard of the mill wondering what just happened.  It scared me so bad I took myself to the doctor.  Doc said it was dehydration.  HOW?!  I used to pride myself in keeping hydrated.  So I’ve had to take this week off to recoup and rest and figure out how that happened and how to prevent it! (well…I DID have some tummy aches issues too…so I guess DUH Jess lol)One positive is I hadn’t decided to start officially trainning for the next race until March 1st so hopefully I’m not set back too far.  Race season will start with  5k in May with a friend!  It will be her first race!  She is in stellar shape so I’m sure she will rock it out!!  Next up is my first 10k in July and first half in September!
So I’m working on getting out of my funk of an attitude.  After my mini catastrophe I had horrible thoughts like, “I’m such a wimp, sissy girl who passes out, I’m not cut out for running, I’m just not strong enough…” blah blah blah well it is time to bust out of that funk.  So starting back into working out S-L-O-W-L-Y with yoga today.  Walking for the begining of the week and then walk/run the second half of the week and hopefully I will be good to go full throttle next week!!!!
Any thoughts, ideas, suggestions on the whole racing heart rate and passing out thing prevention??
Hope every one else has been enjoying their runs!