Me and my son

He gave me a good luck kiss right before the run 🙂 love this little Guy! We are planning on doing a fun run in February . He says,”but momma I can only run for only a minute..what if all the other kids pass me?” I said,” I’m not gonna pass you…we are going to finish together.” He struggles in p.e. class a bit. Not that he’s not active and healthy…just the running part and he needs lots of water.  Apperantly he’s not allowed to drink water while running in p.e. class? Not sure about that situation yet.  I’m hoping I can help boost up his confidence. We are a team this little guy and I.
So today we hit the bike path. Him on his bike and me sprinting after him LOL. He rode 3 miles which made him feel great!  Then we hit the playground for some monkey bar pull ups and tag. Had a blast today.
Then I must admit we ended it with a movie and candy.. well earned candy right?!  He did eat all his veggies for dinner! 🙂
I think the most important thing is spending QUALITY time together. That means the world to him. And to me.
Sorry this blog is a little all over the place but its been a while since I’ve written. And I’m trying to still figure out my new device. Which may take me all next year haha
Hope everyone is well!

Test blog!

Hey hey everybody!  Well it’s official, my little notebook computer has died. So with my new smart phone I was able to download a blogger app….so I’m trying this thing out.  Just a quick update:  first 5k on December 3rd I pulled out a good time 27.07
Lemme try to post a pic…

icky stomach bug 36 hours before race…ugh

So my first race is tomorrow, bright and early at 9 am…last night I had an AWFUL stomach bug or something, throwing up all night, shaky, cold chills, the works.  Talk about less than stellar timing! ICKY.  I’m feeling tired and worn out right now.  Drinking lots of water, now that I can keep it down, and resting.  I plan on running tomorrow but I am bummed that my time won’t be too great.  Wondering how I will be able to do tomorrow…anyone else experience a situation like this??