hooray after a poopy day!

Since yesterday was so awful I decided that today would be different.  I set out to see how fast I could run one mile… I did it in 8:24!! Now, I know compared to elite runners that’s like a snails pace, but I’m trying to keep in mind that I am still kinda of a newbie.  I’ve been running since my boy started school (about 3 years ago) but I’ve never actually trained to run faster or longer or harder.  Always been a very easy and slow pace.  ANNNNDDDD back in the day when I was in middle/high school (one million years ago) I couldn’t even run a whole mile and it took me like 13ish minutes to run/walk.  I was not athletic…AT ALL…back in my teen years..why the heck not?? I don’t know.   But remember, it is NEVER TO LATE TO TIE THOSE SHOE LACES AND GO!!!

So after my run this morning (about 5 miles all together, I got the privilege of running with one of my best friends and her sweet baby.  I offered to push the stroller for a while and got some arm muscle exercises in!) I decided to put in 10 minutes of Pilate’s ab work. 

overall: good day!

ps-the smoke detectors are fixed and I slept last night! woop woop


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