Starting November off right!!!

Today started off with a very COLD rush!  Before I headed out the door though, I was sure to get my dynamic stretches in.  A few lunges (not a fan of those) yoga pose, run in place for 5 minutes and then ending with leg lifs.

My sister and I went to the local college track and put in one mile on the forest trail around it and then put in one mile on the track in speed work…400 fast, then walk… over and over and over.  My legs are NOT used to burning like that.  I enjoy my long easy pace runs soooo much more!  But I’m beginning to realize I need to take speedwork seriously.  I learned today that I am not a fast sprinter…at all and I need to push myself harder.  My sister pushed me a little harder today.  Everyone needs a sibling!
But after that I wasn’t ready to quit so I took a 3 mile jog around town.  I must say after all the work this morning I wasn’t jogging fast at all!
I love my good productive days!!! But dern it was cold… another 30 degree morning. blah. 

But I am getting up and going again tomorrow… I can only wish I looked like the girl in this picture below!  But it sure motivates me to keep it up!


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