time under 30 in degrees under 30!

Started this week off with a 3.11 mile run in 29 degrees weather and managed to pull a time under 30… 29.32.  Barely under haha  I’m not the fasted little runner but I’m proud I got my butt out there.  It helps to have a cute Under Armour hoodie.  I promise! Never underestimate the power of a cute hoodie. I get two more days this week to run and the rest will just have to be strength training days.  Hoping to get my running time under 29 later this week… we shall see.

On another note, I have the cutest little Luigi for Halloween!  My boy is such a goofball!  Trying to stay away from the candy…oh how I enjoy those Reeces cups!!! I’ve only had one so far….but tonight the trick or treat game is on.

What a week!

Didn’t get too much running in this week… kinda bummed about that.  But that’s just the way the work week rolled.  But I did get in at least 15 minutes of pilates, yoga or strength training each day in before the kid woke up.  But the next two weeks I will have at least three days to go running so I will pump it up the next two weeks!!!! Then it’ll be taper for two weeks before the race.  woohoooo!  I’m already nervous and excited.
Seem to be struggling with diet too… not that I’m over indulging in naughty foods…. just not sure I’m getting enough greens and protein in my system.  I have a hard time eating red meats… yuk.  Been snaking on spinach…blah.
I have found a protein drink that’s pretty amazing.  It’s by Bolthouse Farms called Perfectly Protein or Protein Plus.  Full of tons of B vitamins as well as protein.  So yummy!!!


Oh and check out one of the amazing pictures from our session with KaeLee Denise Photography


So now it’s time to enjoy the weekend with the boy!  We will probably hit our local bike path and go for a family run/bike….I’m no biker but my boy is super fast!  He helps me with my “speed work”  🙂

Cold weather kicked my bottom -_-

Even though today wasn’t the greatest run, certainly nothing to brag about here, I learned a few things…
Remember, there really isn’t a “bad” run.  Well, I wouldn’t classify it as such anyway.  Think of it as a learning curve; try to look at it from a different perspective.  Today I let the cold air early this morning really get to me.  I was not tuned in to my goals, the fact that I was out there running, or how awesome the sun rise really was.  I was just whining inside my head about the darn cold and how slow I felt I was chugging along.  And everytime a car sped by the cold wind slapped me in the face…how rude!
I should have pulled myself together and reminded myself during the run that I was out there running anyway!
And no I didn’t remember my stinkin tissues!  I felt snot running away from my nose…
Cold weather is a bear!  But I should be the bigger beast in this battle.  Next go round I won’t even mention the cold… or try to limit that to one thought.  Like…gee it sure is cold.  Let’s go kick cold air’s tail today!

I think it’s time to really start pounding on the speed work and hill training.  I’ve piddled around with it but haven’t really been full throttle into it.  I’m dreading the challenge almost!  I’ve gotten so use to my long and steady runs.  I enjoy those much more than pushing my body into an insane asylum of speed.  But, if I want to do well Ive got to get out there and push a little harder.

NO excuses; only results!

1.5 with the sister today=pumed up!!!!

Man, I don’t even know where to start with this blog today….
All I know is my amazing sister, Jackie, went out with me this morning to RUN!  She was a sprinter back in the day in high school and this chick still has it in her.  Pretty neat how I am use to long runs but not sprinting.  Nothing gets you more AMPED UP then encouraging someone else to a better life.  Like running.  For me running has become a way of life.  A lifestyle… and to see my sister smiling and pumped up too is like a high. 
What a way to start the day out!  For all you runners out there, grab a sibling or a friend or somebody and get going!   Life was meant to be shared with people we love.  Nuff said here.